Random Friday

A couple cute Ilsa-isms:

"When we dance, our blood and bones dance too."
"Water is the king of all the drinks."
"Buttercup used to swim super fast. Until she died."


Damian Lewis in Band of BrothersI lost all of my writing progress from yesterday. Hit some combo of buttons and the window closed without saving. Poof! Gone. *headdesk*


I adore him a little more each week.


After yesterday's post about food, I went to the store and bought the ingredients for enchiladas, peach blueberry cobbler, and lasagna. Couldn't help it.


I always knew I could do it!

Can someone please tell my husband that all-nighters are not healthy for a man his age?

I was up all night, waiting for some kind of miracle.
I was up all night, feeling alone in the universe.
"Up All Night" by Charlotte Martin

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