'Sundial' to be Published

After consulting with my agent, I've decided to go ahead and publish 'SUNDIAL' with The Wild Rose Press. It'll be a preview of the editing and publication process I'll be tackling on a larger scale with WHAT A SCOUNDREL WANTS. Nifty! So here's my temporary blurb:

Amber Schulman just arrived in Sorrento, Italy--in 1958. There she meets fellow time traveler Mark Lacey, only he comes from the land of cassette tapes and Reaganomics. Falling in love is a joy. Getting home is easier than they imagine. But what to do when the man she loves returns to his life in 1987?

In other news, we went to a babysitting co-op on Saturday night. A woman who works with Keven belongs to the co-op and invited us to join. At least two other member families have children who attend the same preschool as our girls, so wonder of wonders, there were familiar faces in attendance. I met a woman who is an instructor, editor, and manuscript doctor. She teaches at several of the local colleges and is well grounded in the publicity machine for this area of Wisconsin, offering to hook me up with the right people when my debut is released. She also has an opening within her group of writing instructors for someone to teach romance. So I could end up in front of a class again. Too cool!

Yesterday afternoon, we spent most of our time at OfficeMax, shopping for a new desk and chair. We've rearranged the bedroom to squeak out a bit more space and found the perfect desk to fit. Now I have a workspace for the weekends that does not involve working in the high-traffic living room or leaving for a local coffee shop--a definite plus come wintertime, not to mention the cost and calories of all those table rental mochas.

And last for today, this sad news out of England about how Sherwood Forest is dwindling.

The trees in Sherwood forest are old and good,
The grass beneath them now is dimly green;
Are they deserted all?
"Sonnet on Robin Hood" by John Hamilton Reynolds (1847)

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