I'm in Publisher's Weekly! This is the foremost publication industry magazine in the country and tracks agented sales across all genres. Check it out:

Carrie Lofty's WHAT A SCOUNDREL WANTS, picks up Will Scarlet's story where the Robin Hood legends leave off, to Hilary Sares at Kensington, by Caren Johnson at Caren Johnson Literary Agency (World).
The word (World) means the deal was for world rights. Kensington has a very strong distribution network and shops to their own contacts for translations and sales, as opposed to shopping the book to individual publishers abroad.

What's also cool is Caridad Ferrer, RITA award winning author of AdiĆ³s to My Old Life, was busy this morning getting the word out about my book. She's been one of Caren's clients for ages and answered all of my questions about her before I signed. Thanks so much for helping out a fellow agency mate!

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