Thursday Thirteen: Guys Sexier Than Matt Damon

Now really, I think Matt Damon is just awesome. Really, he is all kinds of super cool in a rocket to the moon. But is he the sexiest man alive? Doublehell no. I wholeheartedly agree with only one of the other 13 men on their list--Johnny Depp--but the rest can go swim in Poo Lake for all I care. And dudes, Brad's kids are sucking the lifeforce out of him! He's looking so haggard!

(Here's where I feel ashamed for my callous and shallow assessments of these fine actors. I mean, really. Where do I get off? Aren't I above this?)

Ahem. Yeah. So this is my completely, utterly and inherently subjective list of 13 guys I find sexier than Matt Damon. IDs below Mr. Linky.

I tried to keep it relatively current, or else I'd have pics of Christian Slater circa Pump up the Volume and Cary Elwes circa The Princess Bride, or Colin Firth circa "Pride and Prejudice" and just about anything with Alan Rickman.

Alas, one has to move on.....

Now, yes I included Jesse Spencer, aka Chase from "House," as opposed to the more widely fancied Hugh Laurie (le sigh) or Robert Sean Leonard (le double sigh). But I thought I'd shake it up a bit. I mean...gotta have at least one blonde. For variety.

But you can probably tell that my tastes run predominantly toward pasty white dudes with dark hair. Hmmmm...lemme think about my husband...a pasty white dude with dark hair. Cool! I'm all set!

So who strikes your fancy? Any of these lovelies? Maybe someone I missed?

Richard Armitage, Hugh Jackman, Damian Lewis, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Daniel Craig, Cillian Murphy, Naveen Andrews, Johnny Depp, Jesse Spencer, Joaquin Phoenix, Don Cheadle, Keanu Reeves, Christian Bale

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