Thursday Thirteen: Homemade Favorites

In an effort to reorganize my priorities and make room for the burgeoning demands of my writing career, I have also started to work harder on the domestic front. If I'm willing to ask Keven for confessions of time and support, I feel it's only fair to compensate with a tasty dinner and a marginally clean house. As such, I've cooked every day this week--on top of hating my word count. I am like superwoman. You cannot imagine the speed of my hustle.

So in the spirit of good food, I present thirteen of my favorite homemade recipes. I inherited almost all of these from my mom.

1. Banana bread
2. Chicken enchiladas with red cumin sauce
3. Lasagna
4. Cheesecake (with FIVE packages of cream cheese and a baked crust)
5. Yeast buns
6. Baked beans (just made these yesterday--*dies of tongue happiness*)
7. Devil's food cake with homemade from a chocolate frosting
8. Chicken-fried cube steak with mashed potatoes & milk gravy
9. Potato soup (with more cream cheese)
10. Beef stew
11. California blend casserole (Velveeta goodness)
12. Chicken noodle soup with fresh noodles
13. Blueberry peach cobbler

Dang. I'm hungry now. So what are your favorite recipes?

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