Writing Updates

First, I received my contracts today. The one for "Sundial" with The Wild Rose Press is all of two pages, while the one for What a Scoundrel Wants is 19 pages. I like seeing the title in black and white on the Kensington contract, as well as "Untitled Historical Romance #2"--so catchy! Whether by design or by accident, my deadline for UHR#2 has been extended to March 15, which makes me happy. And signing my contract means I should see money! Soon! Amazing stuff, that.

Second, Jane from Dear Author quoted the Publisher's Weekly announcement of my sale, hinting that she'd like to read the book in advance. Sweet!

Finally, later this week I'll be working on galleys for "Sundial" in preparation for its December release. Here's the book trailer I worked up over the weekend. I chose playful music because, despite their angst, Amber and Mark are a flirtatious and fun pair. Let me know what you think.

Now back to UHR#2. Ooooh, you sexy, sexy title!

And when the world is crashing down, oh,
I will throw in on my back for you.
And when you're paralyzed and bound,
I'll be waging war, my love.
"Limits of Our Love" by Charlotte Martin

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