Blown Away

We are smack in the middle of a snow storm today, our first since moving here to Kenosha. It's only 3pm and feels like nighttime. Dark, gloomy...and I'm sensing a trend. That trend?

Yes, that's right. We of the lakeside dwellers will not make it to spring because we'll be sucked out to sea on colossal gusts. The ground is bare in some places, but in others the drifts are big enough to eat Ilsa. My cat is so scared that he's hiding, as we speak, under my comforter. Burrowing. My cat is burrowing, that's how freaky this wind is.

It makes me want to nap. Real bad.

So we went out in it, of course. The girls wanted to play in snow and eat it, generally ignorant of the cold horrors. We timed our departure from the house to jump straight onto the streetcar, where a less-than-jovial Mrs. Claus sat quizzing a befuddled Juliette about Hannah Montana and Bratz dolls. The problem is, I think, that we haven't actually clued in the girls that you can ask the Clauses for presents. No, don't you understand? The presents just appear. It's magical.

At the public museum, they hosted an International Food Fair that was a bit of a bust: random tamales and candy corn, but nothing that folks really wanted like hot cocoa and more hot cocoa. Buckets of the stuff.

We cruised the new dinosaur exhibit where I got to touch a frickin' ancient fossil and generally laughed at the new discoveries about feathered dinosaurs. They just aren't as scary when they look like roosters. Oh no! They'll peck me!

Then Keven wanted to look at the lake. Sure! We'll drag our kids there! Getting to the lake with its boat-eating waves was easy with the wind at our backs. Returning--monster wind straight in the face, flinging ice pellets--was not so good. But hey, we live about three blocks away so no biggie. And the kids loved the hot cocoa when we returned.

As a bonus, it'll be some time before they bug us about heading outdoors again. Are you nuts? Let's stay in and watch a video. You can even choose which one...

Like a piece of dust on a four lane road,
Honey, I was blown away.
I Was Blown Away" by Pam Tillis

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