Christmas Recap

Lessee... Christmas went kinda like this: eat, hang out, watch movies, eat, nibble, sleep, snack, egg nog, sleep, do laundry, watch movies, hang out, play the bloody addictive game Casey & Jess got, eat, sleep. Iz awesome. Today it snowed, so we're here in Indiana until tomorrow.

My pressies: DVDs. Mostly. Ghostbusters I & II, Back to the Future I, II & III, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, Scrooged, White Christmas, Blade Runner, and "Jane Eyre." We watched Jane Eyre on Christmas night, with a review to come. I have my 80s flashback marathon AND my future Christmas viewing all set. The girls also received many DVDs including a two-part "Charlie & Lola" collection, A Bug's Life, Ratatouille, and Lion King 1 1/2--all of the funny and none of the daddy death.

The girls really cleaned up. They got a kids' digital camera, Legos, play food & a picnic set, a ton of art stuff, a couple games, and dress-up clothes. At home we have the Loftys' indoor tent set waiting for them, ready to do battle with the winter crazies.

Um, what else. Oh the days blend together when you do nothing much and have a sweet, easy time of things. I've written about 2K words total and I'm damn proud of having done that much. Ok, I'm gonna go partake in more chocolate truffles and watch Ghostbusters. Yes...it's a plan. And maybe we'll play Risk, one of Kev's presents.

We'll be back in town sometime on Sunday. Stay safe and be happy.

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