Happy Birthday, Ilsa

At 11:17 EST on this day in 2003, our second daughter Ilsa was born--a much shorter labor, by comparison, to my two-day struggle to birth Juliette. Heck, four hours of hard labor seemed a breeze. I'd show you the picture of huge-as-a-whale me, smiling like an idiot and lying on my hospital bed, but I'm not up for that much sharing this morning. How about just cutie baby pics?
That middle one still looks exactly like her face when she sleeps. Only the proportions have changed.

Unlike Juliette, who was born to the eerily appropriate "Scoundrel Days"--therefore doomed to be scoundrel challenge for all the days of her life--Ilsa was born to "Beautiful Day" by U2. Again, it's like the stars had a say in their personality, and the music was just a little preview. She's my beautiful day.

The heart is a bloom, shoots up from the stony ground.
There's no room, no space for rent in this town.
You thought you'd found a friend to take you out of this place,
Someone you can lend a hand in return for grace.
Beautiful Day" by U2

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