I've Cracked It!

Yes, I've cracked the case. The mystery? How to keep my ass in a seat and write my stupid-ass words. And the answer is so juvenile, so simple, so... well... it's just a kitchen timer. Stupid, eh? I set it for thirty minutes and write full speed until it rings. No internet. No paperwork. No snacks. Just writing.

With this method, I've been consistently doing 80% more words per hour of dedicated writing time. Mind you, I didn't say "per hour spent writing," because out of any given hour dedicated toward the general and benevolent cause of completing my MS, only a scant portion of it is used wisely--like the percentage of our tax dollars spent efficiently, but with less bureaucracy. So on a piece of crap evening, I do roughly 500 words per hour. El sucko. Le suque. Die sucken.

But with my patented New & Improved Concentrated Kitchen Timer Writing System, I've completed an average of 455 words per HALF hour for the last three days. Even with a ten minute break between each session, my afternoons while the girls are in school have been extremely productive. I've added about 12K to UHR#2 since Saturday. I kick the ass!

So what does that mean I'll be doing tonight? I'll probably force myself to do two more half hour sessions before giving up on the evening. Tuesday are still whoa damn crap awful--so busy--but today was extra plentifully hectic. I added homemade lasagna, shopping, and four loads of laundry onto my day that already required swimming lessons, school, and tae kwon do for the girls. In and out and in and out and in and out and...not even in the good 'n' naughty way. Just an entire day spent parking the damn car and dressing them in winter gear.

Speaking of which, we didn't make it to tae kwon do in the end because of a snowstorm. Whheeee! We sent the girls out on the balcony to play in the snow because, well, we're intensely ensconced in our apartment living and that's the closest thing they'll get to a park this winter, outside of school. (Said in jest, people. They're not abused urban dwellers, my girls.) They actually asked to go out on the balcony after dinner--we did not force them like evil witches--and they had a bath and hot cocoa afterwards. Not bad at all.

But after the writing I have a bonus episode of "Life" to look forward to, me and my computer and Damian in bed. No, I am not affiliated with NBC, and no, it's not cheating if the dude is completely and entirely contained within a computer--and my husband is watching it with me. Maybe then I'll do a bit of reading on Wendy's book, a fellow Chicago North gal.

Did I mention that I was SO good today that I didn't even check my blogs until after dinner? And that I've totally been on a Roxette kick? Yes, that Roxette. The band from the 80s. I thought Per was cute (SUCH a non-threatening boy idol for the pre-teen girl I once was), and I wanted to be Marie because she looked like a pixie and I liked her gap tooth. Um... never mind...

You pack your bags. You take control.
You're moving into my heart, and into my soul.
Dangerous" by Roxette

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