New Year's Resolutions? A Bit Early?

You ever get so busy or so ambitious that you can't even start? That's me this week. These last few days have been a total waste with regard to work. Ick. I feel like I've binged on 1,000 donuts. If you've seen me lurking more than usual around your website or blog, that's why. Head isn't on straight.

A summary: I have about 30K on my book to write. I wanted to get it done by...tomorrow. Heh. Then I wanted to get it done by...new years. Erm. Liz suggested that I have 10 days left at roughly 3K a day. Ok, fine. Now I just need to DO that.

Other stuff: aside from the Golden Heart entries that just showed up, I'm judging in two other contests and coordinating a third. That's all by the time Book #2 is due, March 15. And I owe a friend a crit on an 80 page short.

I also need to find some handful of minutes each day to exercise. Yeah.

My plan for 2008 is to write two more novels and three more vintage shorts for TWRP. What those novels will be...hmmm. I have a meeting in February to discuss that with my agent. I don't mind if she picks from a list which ones she thinks she can sell, as long as I come up with the list.

Then there's my abnormally unwieldy TBR pile. Sure, compared to those of some bibliophiles my pile is small--a mere 50 books as of today. Plus I have another ten out-of-print books on queue with Paperback Swap that will show up whenever they become available. About ten people I know personally will have books out in 2008, including the delectable Ann Aguirre's Grimspace, which I've already pre-ordered. So the pile--it looms. And I'll attend two conferences in 2008 where it will expand yet again. But can I do a book a week? Maybe.

Finally, there's TV and movies. Movies...well, seeing as how the Kenosha library system is particularly bad at stocking new films, that's just not going to happen. S'ok. Keven and I haven't been on a big movie trip for about 18 months, which is why we canceled out Netflix subscription. And if "Life" and "House" hold off because of the strike, that leaves me with "Doctor Who" and "Torchwood" to catch up on. Lately I've been doing one a night. I need to do it once a week, just like when they were released. TV every night is just a giant time suck.

That's the headachy blob running through my head. Gotta go organize it somehow. The new year will be upon us shortly.

So what about you? What goals do you have in mind for 2008? And how big is your TBR pile?

I've been having trouble sleeping.
You're sitting on my chest.
I sure could use the rest -- leave me.
"Trouble Sleeping" by The Perishers

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