Thursday Thirteen: Procrastination Ahoy!

Ok, here's thirteen things I did yesterday instead of write. Eep! It only happens this way about once a week, because otherwise I'm a little angel, but yesterday got away from me entirely.

1. Laundry. Lots of it. Including the sheets.
2. Christmas cards. Lots of them. Check your mailboxes soon.
3. Cleaned Westley's fish bowl, even though I don't like him.
4. Watered the plants, fervently hoping they make it through the winter...trapped indoors...with my cat.
5. Wrapped Christmas presents. Nenner, nenner, I know what you're getting!
6. Dropped off the dry cleaning. Dancing at a holiday party does nasty things to lovely clothes.
7. Bought stamps and mailed a package to England. By the time I finished my transaction, the line stretched back to the door. Lucky me!
8. Got a hair cut. Finally. Now I'm a pixie like Rosemary's Baby Mia Farrow.
9. Found two sippie cups full of fermented milk in the girls' bookcase drawer. Apparently Ilsa had decided to save them for later. Oh, so nasty!
10. Finished galleys on "Sundial" in prep for its release on Wednesday. Weee!
11. Ate 2 1/2 totally unhealthy meals. *sigh* The spring will be a time of healthifying my life.
12. Finished one book (positively GLOWING review to come) and started a new one (not so good).
13. Watched an episode of "Doctor Who" with Keven after he came home latelate from his trip into Chicago. But drat! It's a two-parter! Oh, the cliffhangerocity!

What have you been up to? Any procrastinating? Things you still have on your holiday to-do list?

And because I can be an absent-minded ditz, I only just remembered that I offered to give away a copy of Patti Ann Colt's The Daddy Spell to a commenter...like, two weeks ago!! That lucky person is: Darla! Yay for the magic woolen hat coz I know Darla is a serious consumer of books. How would you like it, my dear? PDF, MS Reader, HTML? Let me know!

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