Thursday Thirteen: Questions

This is not a meme coz I just made up all these questions. Thirteen of them, actually--funny! Answer one, answer all...your choice.

1. What's the most important thing you want to accomplish today?
My word count. Although at the moment "getting dressed" might be smarter.

2. What city do you live in?
Kenosha, Land of Snow

3. What's the farthest you've ever traveled away from home?
Paris? Probably.

4. Do/did you like your mother-in-law?
Love my mother-in-law. *waves* to Linda!

5. What are you wearing on your feet right now?

6. How far do you think a kangaroo can jump?
12 feet. Mind, I didn't say how far do they really jump, just what you think...

7. Bows and clothes for dogs: cute or silly?
Kinda silly. Kinda cute. But I can't imagine my cat letting me anywhere near him with clothing.

8. Do you think young Elvis was smokin' sexy?
Mmmmm.... Elvis.

9. What's your favorite holiday movie?
Too many to name, but I only own It's a Wonderful Life, The Nutcracker (Baryshnikov), and Scrooge (Alastair Sim). White Christmas, (which I still don't own, no matter what Mom says--must've been lost in a move) Scrooged, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation are some of my faves I don't own. HINT.

10. What color are your eyes?
Gray blue

11. What was your favorite cartoon as a child?
Depends on the era: "Thundercats" for a bit, then maybe "Jem." Truly outrageous. Truly.

12. Is there anything more annoying than persistent cat/pet hair on clothing?
Probably, but it's what happens to annoy me at present.

13. What is up with the current fascination with Gerard Butler? I mean, he's nice and all. I don't doubt your sanity if you dig him, and he's certainly better than the previous flavor of the month, Clive "Cardboard" Owen, who is totally inexplicable as a crush. But seriously? Why the universal swooning?
Don't know. That's why I'm asking.

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