Attack of NuWho

Serious nerdiness ahoy. If you don't watch "Doctor Who," just skip this one.

David Tennant as The Tenth DoctorLately, I've been on a serious crush rumble for The Doctor--not David Tennant in particular, but the entire NuWho series. It's sad. Haven't glommed onto something this bad since Slaterfest, Spring of '07. I started watching one every few days, but last night proved it's out of hand. I sat through three episodes and still didn't want to stop. At that rate, Tuesday will be nothing but me in a bed absorbing all of Season Three.

I've been doing it all wrong, but what's new? I started with the two-part finale of Season One, which means I got a tiny little bit of Eccleston's Ninth Doctor before he transformed into Tennant's Tenth. And whoa, lookie here--it's Captain Jack. But then he died. Wait, what just happened?

Moving on, I watched Season Two pretty much straight through, knowing what the end held for poor Rose. (Billie Piper had just left the show in 2006 when we were in England for Christmas, so it was all over the news.) But I ♥ Rose! The night I watched "Doomsday" was just wretched. Time Lords don't cry my ass.Rose and The Doctor in DoomsdayI think I got started on the series just to understand that heartbreaking picture in context. If it had been the end of a movie, I'd just pretend it didn't happen. But no. To move on in the series, I have to accept it. Doesn't mean I have to like it.

Ah-ha! But what about Season One? I've gone back and watched all of it, as if sticking with new-to-me flashbacks will make sure Doomsday doesn't happen. In the process I've become even more attached to Rose, which does me no good, AND I've developed a serious infatuation with Christopher Eccleston. (No surprise. He's fascinated me since mondo creepy Shallow Grave and his portrayal of Norfolk in Elizabeth.) But again, it does me no good coz he's gone.

His Doctor is just fascinating, though, a strange stew of darkness and absolute mania. His performance in "Dalek" still blows my mind. Tennant is fun and adorable and spastic, but Eccleston speaks to me in that ominous older man way, which is probably the relationship they were trying most to establish between him and Rose.

John Barrowman as Captain Jack HarknessBut aside from two episodes from Season Two that I missed because of uncontentious pirates and their poor links, I have to move on to Season Three. I'm all a-cringing. Catherine Tate is not my favorite person in the world--too much shouting in "The Runaway Bride," which we saw completely out of context during that Christmas visit--so I'm hoping Martha will be at least tolerable. Double dammit. But I still have "Torchwood" to look forward to, in all it's goofiness. Bring on more of the Captain!

You'd think all this TV would be no good for my discipline, but it's been the best sort of carrot. Finish my work--which has been going quite swimmingly, thanks--and chill out with The Doctor at night.

Wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey.

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