Family Accomplishments

1. Ilsa is reading. One of her teachers, Madame Rollet, met me at the car on Thursday to announce that Ilsa was officially reading that day. She made a little workbook of words such as cup, rug, cat, bat, etc. And at Sam's Club on Wednesday she asked, "Why does that sign say 'open'?" Yay for Ilsa!

2. Juliette is reading really well. We ordered Chinese food last night and she read her own fortune. "Your family is good, healthy and attractive." Ok, I helped her with "attractive," coz it's quite a long word, but otherwise she just read it out like a normal reader-type person. She did mine: "You will inherit money or a small piece of land." Dude! "Inherit" was a bit mangled, but otherwise good to go. Yay for Juliette!

3. Keven got a raise. Luckily I had bought him gummy bears that day, so they became celebratory gummy bears. Yay for Keven!

4. I sold an article! The RWR (Romance Writers Report, the monthly glossy trade magazine for members of the RWA) will publish an as-of-yet-unwritten piece on unusual historicals: who writes them, who reads them, why they aren't as popular as Regencies, what editors think, sales numbers, etc. It'll feature in the November issue, heading into WaSW's December release date. My pay? I have the choice of a cash payment or a 1/2 page ad in the magazine. Seeing as how I was going to buy an ad anyway, that saves money. Yay for me!

I hope all my days
Will be lit by your face.
I hope all the years
Will hold tight our promises.
"Atlantic" by Keane

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