Holy Hot Damn

It's done!

This afternoon I finished SEQUEL OF A SCOUNDREL, or whatever the heck it'll eventually be called. I even typed THE END like the dork I am. The final draft is due to my editor two months from today, so I'll begin revisions from hell on Thursday. I know I should give myself a few weeks off from the thing, but I don't want to be caught out and miss my deadline. That would be uncool.

I'll spend tomorrow catching up with random bits. If I owe you a blog post, a promo thingie, a critique or whatever, it'll happen tomorrow--a breather before going back to Castile. *cringe* Iz gonna suck. But that's what I said about What a Scoundrel Wants back when it was still ugly, still unsold, and still called RWS.

Here are the stats, mostly a bit of note-keeping for myself: I started research on September first, plotting on the 12th (the same day I got The Call), and writing on the 24th. That means 114 writing days at 977 words/day. Kinda sucky. Much better than WaSW (630 words/day over 187 days) but not as good as Serenade (1200 words/day over 86 days). Then again Serenade hasn't sold. Ha!

Wait, I shouldn't be celebrating that, even to use it as an excuse!

And now a bit from my most-played song this week:

All my loves are hidden in pieces.
All my loves are within a wild night.
If they are still up high, we'll throw them to the sea.
Watch the murder of the wilds to the music of the deep.
Isis" by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

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