Quick Friday Update

I'm still here. Honest. Jenn dropped me an email saying I've been blog negligent, so I'm remedying that. Consider that I was on vacation after completing my draft. I read Bettie Sharpe's "Like a Thief in the Night" and completed the third novel in the Nora Roberts' Christmas anthology The Gift. I also watched four episodes of "Doctor Who"--that whole "Daleks in Manhattan"/"Evolution of the Daleks" travesty took years off my life, it was so bad--as well as the new PBS Persuasion that was shone on Sunday and the CiarĂ¡n Hinds/Amanda Root BBC Persuasion from 1995. Reviews for everything will be posted thru next week.

All in all, a good break to reward myself for completing the draft. Hilary and I are working on a title as I type this. UPDATE: I was serious. We were actually exchanging emails about the sequel title as I wrote this post. And the outcome? Coming your way in late 2009: SCOUNDREL'S KISS!

And OH OH OH--I got paid! Today! Too many exclamation points! My advance for WaSW arrived this afternoon. I actually got teary when I held the check, because damn that's some seriously hard-earned cash. It's the first money I've made--myself, personally, sweat of my brow--since mid-October of 2002, and it's the first money I've made by writing. Feels bloody good.

Last night I spoke for about two hours to the Kenosha Writer's Group (KWG) about, well, moi. Freaky! Actually, it was me + all manner of topics pertaining to writing, publishing, staying motivated, marketing, etc. A big giant infodump from my l'il ole brain to theirs. Great fun. They're a small but very open group, full of enthusiasm and very good questions. I hope to speak with them more in the future as their careers progress--keeps me on my toes!

Otherwise Keven's home today. The temperatures will get to, oh, DAMN COLD tonight. I went shopping a bit this morning, so we're all set to basically spend the weekend at home. Now I'm off to deposit my check and pick up the kids. Yay for this week. Was good.

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