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Did I promise a review of Jane Eyre soon? I did. Ok, sometime this weekend.


I'm about six scenes away from finishing my WIP. My editor says the key word to repeat in its title will be "Scoundrel," so now I'm playing all manner of combinations to run past her. Trouble is...the hero isn't too scoundrel-esque. The heroine might be. Maybe "scoundrel" can be considered gender neutral? Until then, Keven has come up with its current working title. Seeing as how Will Scarlet is the scoundrel in WHAT A SCOUNDREL WANTS, and Ada, my current heroine, is his sister-in-law, it's momentarily known as IN-LAWS OF A SCOUNDREL. Works for me. Then it's on to RevisionLand, a horrible wasteland in which I'll spend two months. Deadline: March 15.


I saw my orthopedic hand doctor dude on Wednesday. You remember, dickhead. Anyway he's recommending surgery for my wrist because my MRI shows that the cyst is not filled with liquid. Oh no. Couldn't be something easy to aspirate and call it good. No, he has to go in and put an IV pain block on my wrist, cut me open, and remove "spongy" tissue masses from my tendons. I'm all grossed out already, and it's my damn wrist! Hopefully it'll feel better soon thereafter. He says I'll be able to use it right away, but I still might hold off and schedule it on, say, March 16.


Turns out the girls' school will begin offering full-day preschool in 2008-09 for kids who are 4-5 years old, which means both girls could go to school between 8:30-2:30, five days a week. Oh, wait, what is that? It's my career. And she's happy. Keven and I discussed my getting a proper job--you know, something with a steady paycheck--but he wants me to work more career oriented: editing, teaching, and writing freelance, on top whatever I can manage to publish. Cool. I can do that.


Isn't this guy cute? He looks like a cross between a young Warren Beatty and Matthew Fox. But who is he? Shorpy doesn't know. The caption reads: "Unidentified man in an uncaptioned frame from a roll of 35mm film shot by Farm Security Administration photographer John Vachon in 1937."Shorpy

I hope to check in on Monday and tell you that the rough draft is finished. And I'll have watched all of "Torchwood" by then--which is very naughty, mind. Yes, my goals are mighty. Have a good weekend.

And I went outside and I
Looked up at the late night sky
And I saw a star fall down
And I thought as it blazed across the night
I remember falling.
Fallin'" by Kim Richey

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