Randomness and Flashbacks

Yesterday, Ilsa and Juliette built a spaceship out of their new fort-making apparatus. (They had instructions and a lot of help from me.) Juliette decided to a have a tea party on the moon, while Ilsa pretended to be a spider from Mars. To the best of my knowledge, her play has never been influenced by the music of David Bowie, but perhaps David Bowie's music was influenced by the play of a four-year-old. Or copious amounts of drugs.


Soon, my precious. Soon it will be mine.


I rewatched Rattle & Hum yesterday because the house seemed quiet and I needed some tunes. The part where the stadium floodlights burst on and 100,000 people are illuminated to "Where the Streets Have No Name" and the crowd roars and the sound equipment strains to keep up with the sudden spike in decibels--goosebumps, dude. Magic. No matter how many times I've heard that song. (It's minute 1:56 on this video.)

So I just kept daring them: can you do it again?

How about the opening chord of "Heartland." Yup.

Then Bono's extra verse at the tail end of "With or Without You." Oh yeah.

And minute 2:06 here from "Silver and Gold" when, in an synergistic moment, Adam, Bono and The Edge all keep the same beat in the same frame, followed by minute 5:40--"Am I buggin' you? Don't mean to bug ya. Ok, Edge, play the blues!"

I still get choked up at the pain in Bono's voice when he sings "Sunday, Bloody Sunday" on the day of the Enniskillen bombing. "Fuck the revolution!" Part of my fascination is with the passion and the message, and part is with the skill: while Bono is introducing the song, Edge is there just watching his face, waiting for his cue--and then Adam waiting for his. Would that the world works so well as those four on stage.

And don't even get me started on the monster solo Edge pulls off in "Bullet the Blue Sky," (minute 3:24) when his eyes say he's gone to a place no one else can follow. He's like the most adorable, impenetrable alien ever to fall to earth.

Damn you, you beautiful men. You get me every time.


I also listened to Jewel yesterday. Don't know why. Just happened. The whole of Pieces of You, which I probably haven't listened to entirely since 1996. *cries* for "Painters."

Until one day the rain fell as thick as black oil
And in her heart she knew something was wrong.
She went running through the orchard screaming,
"No God, don't take him from me!"
But by the time she got there, she feared he already had gone.

She got to where he lay, water colored roses in his hands for her.
She threw them down screaming, "Damn you man, don't leave me
With nothing left behind but these cold paintings,
These cold portraits to remind me!"

He said, "Love I only leave a little. Try to understand,
I put my soul in this life we created with these four hands.
Love, I leave, but only a little. This world holds me still.
My body may die now, but these paintings are real."
Jewel, you evil snaggletooth bitch.

Ok, enough flashbacks. Have a great weekend.

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