Saying Hola to 2008

So Ilsa is sick. Poor thing. Snot, watery eyes, hoarse voice, cough. We're supposed to go over to a friend's house for a play date tomorrow, but that might not happen. Glad she's not old enough to have an understanding of the "new year" concept or else this might be more depressing. Being sick at the new year is like a bad omen. But then again, the year can only look up.

Our new year's eve was all about catching up. We cleaned. I opened Keven's 401(k). We took down the tree. We even revamped the girls' room to find additional space. Keven's parents bought them a tent thingie that needed more floor space. We'd saved it until yesterday, calling it our "take down the tree" present. We'll see if the idea sticks and becomes a tradition. But the tent thing is quite cool and will be even cooler once they figure out how to configure it themselves.

We stayed in last night and watched the 2007 version of "Big Fat Quiz," which wasn't as funny as last year--except for David Mitchell who made me snort hot coffee. No booze for Keven and I, just lots of cheese and chocolate. We indulge with fat instead of alcohol, which explains why I've gained ten pounds since moving to Kenosha. Eep. So anyway, we managed to stay up to midnight, although that prospect was looking pretty rough all evening. It's just not as monumental living in the central time zone. New Yorkers are already heading home to sleep it off by the time the new year gets to us.

OK, now on to the reason I'm posting: resolutions. My folks were not big on resolutions, more content to work hard all the time and skip the need for artificial kick-in-the-pants signposts. But coming off a particularly indulgent holiday, I feel the need to re-impose boundaries and expectations on myself.

BEWARE: because I'm a writer and stay-at-home mom who's gained a bit of weight, these are hideously unoriginal.

1A. Exercise. My current goal is 30 minutes a day during the week. Weekends are horrible times for us to do much of anything constructive, so I'll confine it to Monday thru Friday. Like a chore. Which it is.

1B. Eat less. This mostly means no snacking after dinner. Seriously, that's the big weakness.

2. Write. First up must be the SCOUNDREL sequel, which is still a throbbing infected thorn in my brain. Due date: March 15. After that, I want to do either 1800 words/day or 15 pgs of edits/day, Monday thru Friday plus Sunday. Saturday will be for family, chores, and other obligations such as critiques, judging, promotions, and catching up from a missed day here and there.

Sticking to this routine--which should take no more than three hours a day--will yield two more full MSS and three 20K shorts. My intention is to branch into another genre and tackle a futuristic/sci-fi romance, as well as another historical. The shorts will be for the Vintage line at TWRP. Revamping Serenade might be on my list, depending on my agent's advice. I got contest results back for it yesterday, and it seems people still have significant problems with it. We'll see.

(An Aside: Ilsa just made me a heart cut out from paper. But she had snot on her hands and the heart ripped, which made her cry. That's SuperPatheticCute.)

3. Chores. The grand schedule I've concocted has regular chores on certain days. Laundry on M, W, F. Bathrooms on Saturday. Etc. If I stick to it, the house will be lovely about 90% of the time. It's all there. Written down. No problem! Sure! Just a matter of time management, doncha know?? Let's go!

Ok, yeah, check back in about three days. I'll be tired of all this goody two-shoes talk by then. I'm tired just thinking about it...

All is quiet on New Year's day.
A world in white gets underway.
I want to be with you, be with you, night and day.
Nothing changes on New Year's day.
"New Year's Day" by U2

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