Seven Things

I know I've done something like this before, but it's been making the rounds again lately. Inevitable, really, that it would come back to me. So ta-dah, Ann tagged me. Here goes--and I'm going to try and be original.

1. I'll need vascular surgery on my right leg by the end of the year. Weak veins. Terribly annoying.

2. I'm currently on a Simple Minds glom. Fun and easy, seeing as how Keven has just about everything they've ever recorded.

3. I never leave the house without make-up on. Ever. Blame my chronic bad skin.

David Mack's Scarab4. After years of reading X-Men in my teens, the only comic book I still read is David Mack's exquisite Kabuki. I think I've only missed the latest two issues, but seeing as how he releases them about once per quarter, that means I'm about a half year behind. Keven gave me a poster of this painting of Scarab when we lived in Columbus--oh, about eight years ago--and it's hanging at the foot of our bed.

5. I don't read the newspaper or watch news on TV. My most reliable and consistent sources are Keven, the internet, and "The Daily Show." I'm also a never-fails-to-vote voter who contributes to humanitarian charities. Be afraid of my uninformed activism.

Robert Doisneau6. I'm a sucker for those popular black and white kissing photos. Keven bought me this for Christmas one year, and it hangs at the head of our bed. There. Now you know what's on the walls of our bedroom.

7. I lived for just over seven years in California, with tiny stints in Arizona and Colorado. I also lived for nearly 11 years in Indiana, 10 years in Ohio, and nine months in England. I've lived for two years and five months in Wisconsin. Indiana for the win.

And I think I'll mention again that the sequel to What a Scoundrel Wants now has a title: Scoundrel's Kiss. Having a title makes me happy, like solving a problem. And I like it. A bonus!

Your turn. Care to share eight things?

Somewhere there is some place
That one million eyes can't see.
And somewhere there is someone
Who can see what I can see.
"Someone, Somewhere (In Summertime)" by Simple Minds

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