Spring Television

Mmmmm...I got it all sorted out, baby! Strike or no, my television schedule is looking just lovely. First, I have about four episodes of "Torchwood"'s first season, and the second season is being broadcast on BBC America beginning next week. Now I don't have BBC America, but their lovely website includes videos. Yay for internet vids!

"Nevermind the Buzzcocks" still has another five weeks' worth of shows before it quits for the season, and I have all of Season Three of "Doctor Who" waiting. If the strike is resolved before the end of February, we might be lucky enough for another few episodes of "House" and "Life," my only two mainstream TV dramas. I miss Hugh and Damian, my favorite messed up quirky Brits pretending to be Americans.

Over in the land of free culture, LO! THAR BE AUSTEN! Masterpiece Theater on PBS, now hosted by the lovely Gillian Anderson, is running a complete Jane Austen marathon on Sundays through the beginning of April. In addition to a dramatization of Austen's life, the collection includes the mid-90s Kate Beckinsale version of "Emma" and the Firth & Ehle "Pride & Prejudice." Otherwise, the adaptations are all from 2007: "Mansfield Park" stars Billie Piper (oh, that'll be weird), "Persuasion" stars Sally Hawkins, and "Northanger Abbey" stars Felicity Jones. The much-anticipated Andrew Davies adaptation of "Sense & Sensibility" will round out the collection.

It's basically gonna be months of me chatting about how these ones are/aren't as good as my fave versions. But that's at least half the sport. Here's the complete schedule.

Masterpiece Theater will also show a new Davies version of A Room with a View, and then the massive adaptation of Elizabeth Gaskell's Cranford. Yay! I won't have to watch it on YouTube!

But the big question is: TO IDOL or NOT TO IDOL. Every year it's the same pattern. If I start out watching "American Idol," then I'm in it for the long haul. If I miss the first few formative episodes, I don't care and I miss the season entirely. We'll see how I feel come Tuesday, but I think I'll be signing up. It's not like Idol requires intense concentration and brain power. In fact, it's best enjoyed whilst doing other things. That's me, a TV multi-tasker.

Oh it's always right, the perfect light, the dark of night.
Give up the world, give up your life
Coz you cannot fight the television.
Television, Television" by OK Go!

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