Thursdays are Nutty

Have you noticed I've given up on Thursday Thirteens? Bloghopping in the morning takes up so much time. But hi to those who stopped by anyway!

It's -6 out (-21C), -21 with wind chill (-28C). A lady coming out of the elevator this morning actually asked me, "Is it cold enough for ya?" What am I supposed to say to that?

Yesterday was good but exhausting. If you've ever been to a children's museum, you know it's a mind-boggling array of light and sound--like a Chuck E. Cheese with pretensions toward education. Jenn and I kinda meandered, both looking as tired as every other mom or teacher there, as the kids wreaked destructive mayhem.

The drive home was not so good. A snowstorm started up over Milwaukee as we were leaving, which meant terrible roads and slow, slow speeds. A drive that takes us less than an hour pushed on toward the two hour mark. Today the storm has pushed eastward. Driving back from dropping Keven off at work I saw clouds as tall and dense-looking as mountains, piled up high over Lake Michigan. We're sunny and clear and ass cold, but the waters--if they're not frozen like here on the shore--must be pretty stormy.

John Barrowman as Captain Jack HarknessOk, I'm off to do my Thursday. Laundry, dance 'n' swim at the YMCA for the kids, the mad dash to get their hair dry and feed them before school starts, and then a haircut for me. Oh yeah, and my revisions.

Is it wrong to enjoy a song by Take That quite so much as I enjoy "Patience"? Lovely mind candy. And yay for a new "Torchwood"! We run about a day behind British broadcasts and ten days ahead of BBC America. I have no scruples--none where Captain Jack is concerned.

Tomorrow: long-promised review of "Jane Eyre," which I received at Christmas (thanks Karen!).

Just have a little patience.
I'm still hurting from a love I lost.
I'm feeling your frustration
That any minute all the pain will stop.
Patience" by Take That

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