Almost Back

Yes, Cold-Eeze is brilliant stuff. I'm well. My cold never became bad enough to need cold pills. Neat-o. Juliette went to school yesterday and today. Her cough lingers. Ilsa, however, is still working her way out of it. She went to school today, but she didn't cope very well. Fatigue got the better of her and she developed a low-grade fever again. Poor thing. We'll see about tomorrow. I have a phone conference with my agent, so hopefully she'll either be in school or asleep when that happens.

I'm still working on edits for Scoundrel's Kiss, as well as a proposal for a sci-fi romance, tentatively called Onyx, set on Earth a millennium in the future. Weeee! New project! It's laid out in my mind like the Autobahn, straight and fast. Here's a teeny taste:
Nothing readied TAMBOR FEIST for City West--not his work as a United Governance special investigator, nor years spent studying Field cults. Sensipics only hinted at what his dizzying first steps would be like: the sun sizzling his skin, a noxious haze glued to his lungs--and Tiques mugging him before his eyes adjust. Angry, just shy of humiliated, he chases the street punks and is caught in a gangland crossfire. His certified guide is killed. But hydrofire isn't the deadliest thing facing Tam on his first trip Topside. Making it on his own...now that's deadly.

The Tiques don't scare CARYS POLLEY. She grew up with them, traded slippery kisses with a few, and because she's psy-resonant, she knows their dirty little secrets. She also knows that street toughs with budding egos have a lot to prove. A smooth-faced Dweller blinking in the dawn would be just the guy to thrash--no contest, no consequences. Doesn't he know only kids and morons go out during el día malo? Topsiders are nocturnal for a reason: Daylight is deadly. But the arrival of a rival gang, their hydrofire scarring brick and roasting flesh, sends Carys after the pale stranger. A Dweller whose face gets rearranged is no one's concern--just a hazard of coming Topside--but a dead Dweller means questions, arrests and one-way trips to the Fields.
As the sun goes down on a broken town
And the fingers bleed in the factories--
Come on out tonight, come and see the sight
Of the ones you love and the ones in love
And you keep with me, keep with me...
"Fingers in the Factories" by The Editors

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