Ilsa and the Explosion

The girls have been ill. Did I mention that? It started late last week, maybe on Wednesday, when Juliette threw up after dinner. That was it. She just felt sick and then tossed everything into the toilet. Good girl! She made it to the toilet!

Sniffles and congestion followed for both. We had a snow day on Friday so they stayed home anyway. Not so bad. Just annoying.

Then last night Ilsa got up from bed around 10pm. Keven saw her first and noticed her shirt was wet. Wha?

Turns out she had thrown up in bed. And when I say throw up, I really mean exploded. She had it down her back, under her shirt, in her hair. When she felt the need to do it again, I shuffled her into the bathroom. The violence of the heaves meant stuff was coming out both ends. Sorry for the "too much information," but really--this is my damn blog and I'm whining about the sheer, potent nastiness of it all.

So Keven fixed the bed while I did the sponging and a quick hair wash. Poor kid. Thing is, you never would've thought it by how she's acting this morning. One big barf seems to have purged the need to continue, just like what happened with Juliette. The congestion remains, but no fever and no more sick tummy. What a weird little bug. Glad it seems to be ignoring Keven and I.

When our worlds they fall apart,
When the walls come tumbling in,
Though we may deserve it
It will be worth it.
"Halo" by Depeche Mode

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