Ok, maybe I'm a little bit sick. Dammit.

I have so many things in "pending" mode right now. Maybe that's the hardest part about getting a career up and running, as working only as a stay at home mom. As a SAHM, most of my tasks we day-long. The most long-range planning I had to do was making doctor's appointments. I think that's why I was so hot on homeschooling at the time, because it gave me something to plan and consider well beyond "Gosh, I should mop tomorrow."

So now my Dry Erase Board of Doom has exactly 16 tasks on it--all of them rather time consuming and long-term, two of which I'll tackle today. Part of me groans at the sight. Oh, geez, I have to do what?? But the majority of me-bits gets charged up about the challenge. A feeling of finally! I love being in the swing of pushing a goal forward.

In other news, it's still winter. I'm starting to feel like Joel Fleishman. One morning I'll spot a moose walking down the damn street.

Warn your warmth to turn away.
Here it's December every day.
Press your lips to the sculptures and surely you'll stay,
For of sugar and ice, I am made.
"Love Like Winter" by AFI

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