Progress Report

About ten minutes ago, I uploaded my revised draft of Scoundrel’s Kiss to my critique group. ARGH! Baby #4 is out there in the world!

But repetition makes things easier. I just hit "send" and off it went. No big deal. The MS isn't due to my editor for another 2 1/2 weeks, so it's just something that needs done--another set or two of eyes on the dratted thing before it leaves for New York.

So what do I think? It's a helluva lot better than I feared. I'm too close to it right now, so it hasn't hit me in the emotional gut. I'm still seeing plot threads and garbledy gook ideas all mixed in with the good stuff. I'll like revisiting it in a year or so when my copy edits come back. It'll be like reading it fresh.

Props to Keven and the kids for doing without me over the weekend. I basically sequestered myself in the bedroom for 14 hours a day. Good solid working time.

So what's next? I'm reading this week, mostly. My plan is to read through a couple sci-fi books I've been recommended and prepare to start Onyx in mid-March, after Scoundrel's Kiss is out the door.

I also have FOUR classes to prepare for, all of which I'll teach in April and May. Woo! Money on the side! I'll just channel it back into my writing career, like financing a crack habit. I'm itching to get something new out there. New contracts. New thrills. Writing--it's not a career, it's an addictive life choice.

Crazy skies are wild above me now.
Winter howling at my face.
And everything I held so dear
Disappeared without a trace.
Though all the times I tasted love,
Never knew quite what I had.
Little darling if you hear me now,
Never needed you so bad.
Sail Away" by Alejandro Fuentes*

(*His voice is so much hotter than he is. He's like Kurt.)

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