That Didn't Go Well

King Triton
Keven had a late evening at work, so the girls and I sat down to watch The Little Mermaid for the first time. For those of you who may not know the movie, the pertinent storyline is this: A mermaid, Ariel, defies her father and gives her voice to Ursula, a nasty octopus witch, so she can live as a human and marry the prince.

(The original H. C. Anderson fairy tale was brutally grim, but this flick is pretty standard happy-ending Disney fare. Although I'm not keen on the "defied her father" bit, I thought we could give it a shot. A teaching tool, if nothing else.)

I usually sit with the girls when they're watching something new, especially this time because I remember Ursula as being relatively nasty. Sure enough, Juliette started to cry. But she started to cry before Ursula. She calmed down and wanted to continue. Ok. Don't know what that was about. Then Ursula starts to sing and coerce Ariel into giving up her voice. More tears. So we stop again.

I ask her, "Are you scared because of the witch?"

"Yes. And the daddy!"

"What about the daddy?"

"He's gonna be so mad!"

I don't know what that says about Keven or our parenting style or Juliette or anything, but it certainly wasn't what I expected to happen. Guess I didn't need to hammer home that "look what happens" moral after all.

We fast forwarded through the rest to show them that it really did end happily, but they finished by declaring it should go back to the library and never return.

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