Thursday Thirteen: NuWho Season One

I know I stopped doing Thursday Thirteens, but this one is easy. There are 13 episodes to each season of "Doctor Who" (and most British TV series seasons), so off I go. Mind you I'm a sentimentalist, not a sci-fientist or a die-hard, long-time fan. I go for the goo, those parts of films like Empire Strikes Back and Terminator and Aliens that squick out the nerdboys. It's all about the love, baby!

1. "Rose": RUN! And so it begins. The monster is fairly lame, as is plastic Mickey, but they needed to start somewhere.

2. "The End of the World": A crying Time Lord! Can't help it when a hot tree woman reminds him of his lost world and slaughtered people. But hey, let's have some chips. I think that's where he fell for Rose. She was just so ordinary--knew when to push, knew when to back off and have a good laugh. The Doctor wasn't ready for that.

3. "The Unquiet Dead": Simon Callow is brilliant as Charles Dickens, and the scene in the carriage between him and the Doctor is hilarious. "I'm your number one fan!" Funny how Gwen from "Torchwood" showed up here in Cardiff...home of the Rift...in 1869, which is when Jack jumps back to when he leaves Satellite Five. Not that there's any connection...

4. "Aliens of London": I really loathe the Slitheen. But I like how they explored the ramifications of Rose's time spent traveling.

5. "World War Three": More Slitheen. Gah. And Mickey playing computer hero. Double gah. But I did like Harriet Jones. Too bad she went all EvilTorchwood. And I thought the Doctor should've sat down to eat shepherd's pie with the family. I guess that just differentiates this Doctor from his successor.

6. "Dalek": One of the best of the season, Christopher Eccleston's performance is breathtaking. He's arguing with a metal dustbin, all over the board: manic, hateful, taunting, despairing. Brilliant. But just how sad is the Doctor that a frickin' Dalek has to tell him about emotion?

7. "The Long Game": Simon Pegg is funny. Adam is annoying. And I have a girlcrush on Anna Maxwell Martin. That's about it.

8. "Father's Day": *sniffs* Poor Pete. And yet after all their arguments and insults, the Doctor and Rose hold hands and walk back to the TARDIS.

9. "The Empty Child": OK, the barrage balloon thing was really lame. But spooky child voices AND Captain Jack in the same episode? Fantastic!

10. "The Doctor Dances": I think we all know what "dancing" is a metaphor for. It has some of the best, best lines.
Captain Jack: I was going to send for another one but somebody's got to blow up the factory.
Rose Tyler: Oh, I know. First day I met him, he blew my job up. That's practically how he communicates.

Rose: Look at you, beaming away like you're Father Christmas!
The Doctor: Who says I'm not, red-bicycle-when-you-were-twelve?

Captain Jack: Make yourself comfortable. Carry on with whatever it was you were doing.
The Doctor: We were talking about dancing.
Captain Jack: It didn't look like talking.
Rose Tyler: It didn't feel like dancing.

The Doctor: Funny little human brains... How do you get around in those things?
Rose Tyler: When he's stressed, he likes to insult species.
The Doctor: Rose, I'm thinking.
Rose Tyler: Cuts himself shaving, does half an hour on life forms he's cleverer than.

Rose: Why don't you trust him?
The Doctor: Why do you?
Rose: He saved my life. Bloke-wise, that' up there with flossing.

The Doctor: Well, I've got the moves, but I wouldn't want to boast.
Rose: You got the moves? Show me your moves.
The Doctor: Rose, I--I'm trying to resonate concrete.
11. "Boom Town": More Slitheen, and more Mickey, but we get to say Raxacoricofallapatorius. And the creepy part about Bad Wolf in Welsh is a great foreshadowing to the finale.

12. "Bad Wolf": Everything about this one can be ignored except for the Doctor's final words.
Dalek: You will obey or she will be exterminated.
The Doctor: No.
Dalek: Explain yourself.
The Doctor: I said no.
Dalek: What is the meaning of this negative?
The Doctor: It means no!
Dalek: But she will be destroyed!
The Doctor: No! 'Cause this is what I'm gonna do: I'm gonna rescue her! I'm gonna save Rose Tyler from the middle of the Dalek fleet, and then I'm gonna save the Earth, and then--just to finish you off--I'm gonna wipe every last stinking Dalek out of the sky!
Dalek: But you have no weapons, no defenses, no plan!
The Doctor: Yeah, and doesn't that scare you to death? Rose?
Rose: Yes, Doctor?
The Doctor: I'm coming to get you.
13. "The Parting of Ways": Classic second-parter, in that the cliffhanger from the previous episode is resolved in about two minutes. Rose's finale is simply wonderful. "You are tiny. I can see the whole of time and space, every single atom of your existence, and I divide them." Rock on, blonde girl. But the big question is: Does she remember the kiss?

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