Thursday Thirteen: NuWho Season Two

On the good news front, Ilsa and Juliette both went back to school today. All is returning to normal. I also had a very good conversation with my agent which should yield interesting results for us both in the future. Time will tell. Big kisses to Kelly for helping me out in the morning, and to Barb and Liz for doing right by me afterwards.

OK! Guess what! It's that time again...a Thursday Thirteen featuring reviews of Doctor Who. Up this week: Season Two! The most painful-est of all seasons!

0. "Christmas Invasion": The Santas are lame, but I enjoyed Rose's confusion over the Doctor's regeneration. Lucky for her he's a dish. Can you imagine if he regenerated into someone who looked like Margaret Thatcher? That'd ruin Rose's fine time. The showdown onboard the spaceship is a fantastic spotlight on David Tennant's version of the Doctor.
Beyond The Doctor I just don't know who I am. I literally do not know who I am. So I'm gonna test it. Am I funny? Am I sarcastic? Sexy? Life and misery? Life and soul? Right-handed? Left-handed? A gambler? A fighter? A coward? A traitor? A liar? A nervous wreck? Judging by the evidence I've certainly got a gob.
1. "New Earth": It's the honeymoon! They go on holiday and reminisce about their first date. "We had chips." The kiss doesn't count, though, at least not for Rose...being that she was possessed.

Visiting New Earth
2. "Tooth and Claw": Continuing the honeymoon phase, this is the ultimate "Rose and the Doctor" carefree romp. They fight werewolves, shout, hug, tease, poke fun at the monarchy, and generally have a smashing time. And then comes Torchwood. Insert scary music and begin the long slide toward Doomsday.

3. "School Reunion": Dammit. Party's over. Piss off, Sarah Jane. You too, Mickey.

4. "The Girl in the Fireplace": I saw this one very early, before I became attached to Rose, and liked it much better back then. Now I get a bit miffed at Madame. Get your own damn Time Lord! But it's still really creepy and exceedingly well written.

5. "Rise of the Cybermen": Eh. Cybermen aren't my favorite villains. And the thing about revisiting the issue of Rose's dad lost its strength here.

6. "The Age of Steel": I like the Doctor's showdown with Lumic at the end. That's about it.

7. "The Idiot's Lantern": More honeymooning, this time in 50s fashions and Tennant's Elvis do. The woman in the TV doing the constant screeching and the awkward family drama plotline detracted from the fun.

Rose and the Doctor in the TARDIS
8. "The Impossible Planet": Yay! Back to the goods, dammit. Scary shit everywhere--from the Ood to the Event Horizon-style bad guy--and Rose and the Doctor having a brilliant time defying the odds. And Oods.

9. "The Satan Pit": The conclusion didn't quite live up to the build-up, but I love the Doctor's love letter dialogue about Rose:
So that's the trap, the great test, the final judgment--I dunno. But if I kill you, I kill her. But that implies, in this big grand scheme of gods and devils, that she's just a victim. Well, I've seen a lot of this universe. I've seen fake gods and bad gods and demigods and would-be gods. I've had the whole pantheon. But if I believe in one thing... just one thing... I believe in her!
10. "Love and Monsters": Oh, just... just stop.

11. "Fear Her": It was interesting and kinda fun. But then they had to go and do the Olympic torch thing. Dead cats in a hat, that was bad.

Talking to the Queen
12. "Army of Ghosts": Oooooh, Doomsday coming!

13. "Doomsday": So very, very good. I bawl like a baby being poked with sticks. No matter how radically inconsistent the show is, as a whole, they're capable of creating magic. Not only does it feature the heart-ripping finale, it has the classic Daleks vs. Cybermen throw down!
Cyberman: Our technology is compatible, although your design is less elegant.
Dalek: Daleks have no concept of elegance!
Cyberman: This is obvious. Daleks, be warned. You have declared war upon the Cybermen.
Dalek: This is not war. This is pest control!
Cyberman: We have five million Cybermen. How many are you?
Dalek: Four.
Cyberman: You would destroy the Cybermen with four Daleks?
Dalek: We would destroy the Cybermen with one Dalek! You superior in only one respect.
Cybermen: What is that?
Dalek: You are better at dying.
Insert mad electronic laughter here. And then, well, you have the beach scene.

Beach farewell in Doomsday
I'm gonna go sniffle a bit more. Good, good stuff.

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