Thursday Thirteen: Torchy Season One

No, I've not converted my blog into a DW/TW fan site. This is the last one. For now. That's right, it's Season One of "Torchwood"!

1. "Everything Changes": Great set-up, full of surprises and new faces. A solid pilot. Since I hadn't seen "Doctor Who" when I watched this episode, I was thoroughly confused. Jack gets shot in the head and is, what, OK?? More please!

2. "Day One": I had to look it up. Didn't remember a thing about this one. OOOH! The sex alien. Yeah, that was ok.

3. "Ghost Machine": I don't like self-fulfilling time travel stories. The paradox issue. But the episode was pretty good otherwise, although Gwen reveals herself to be more of s plot device (she makes dumb shit happen) than a character.

4. "Cyberwoman": Liiiiiiiiiisaaaaa!! Oh, just save me. Horrible.

5. "Small Worlds": Fairies are evil? I knew it!

6. "Countrycide": This exists as one of the only Doctor Who-based episodes with 0% aliens. Just screwy humans. Nice. And I dug the "Owen & Gwen in the woods" hawtness.

7. "Greeks Bearing Gifts": Daniela Denby-Ashe making out with Naoko Mori? Yes, please. Poor Tosh. If it's not unrequited love, it's the aliens and the out-of-time.

8. "They Keep Killing Suzie": Interesting, but really overblown. Jack should've just shot her some more. Oh, but Ianto's cracking me up. "Hello, hello, can you hear me? No. Because there's no phones."

9. "Random Shoes": Torchwood lite. Not the best, but not as annoying as "Love & Monsters" or some such.

10. "Out of Time": Although the Owen & hot flygirl storyline was really overblown, the perils of time travel hit home for me. It's the sort of "time as antagonist" issue I tackled in "Sundial," made poignant by the old man's loss of everything, and poor Jack's inability to make it right.

11. "Combat": Fight Club much? Lame.

12. "Captain Jack Harkness": Oh, 'scuse me whilst I swooooon.

13. "End of Days": I don't like Gwen as a character. She's a useless Mary Sue trying to have deep symbolic meaning. But Eve Myles just pisses all over John Barrowman, acting-wise. When Rhys was killed and she beats the concrete with her foot, rage pelting out of her--then Barrowman's there muttering something about "there's nothing we can do." Just...stop talking. She's wiping the floor with you. "Well there's got to be, there's got to be something that you can do. Otherwise, what's the fucking point of you? You bring him back! You bring him back, do you understand me, Jack fucking Harkness?" Yes, she was really angry. Check it out here, about 6:25 in.

Overall, "Torchwood" is much, much more consistent than "Doctor Who," but it rarely reached transcendent heights of Awesome. Every time I sat down to watch an episode, I knew I would be entertained. I never cringed with that "is this gonna suck" feeling. But did I remember particulars? Nope. Did I come away inspired by something really BEYOND? Nope. Just kinda fun.

Russell T. Davies, the series creator and man behind the Doctor's resurrection, has since commented that because they were creating an adult show (as opposed to lighter family fare), they tried to make it really adult and angsty. Didn't come across right. Since a new reboot for the much improved Season Two, pacing and characterization have been stronger. I'm eager for more.

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