Winter Sicko Updates

It's SERIOUSLY cold outside. Ambient air is -6F (-21C) and the wind chill is -27F (-33C). The wind is holding steady at about 30mph (50kph). Needless to say--but I'll say it anyway--we're not leaving the house today.

Ilsa is finally, finally on the mend. Her fever on Friday night was very high. It broke yesterday morning and she's near normal today. Juliette's cough is still nasty. Keven is sleeping in, head full of snot. As for me, I'm going to start swearing by Cold-Eeze. When I felt the first tickle of a cold on Thursday, I took the cough drop tablets once every four hours or so (the honey lemon is tasty). Now I'm skating through with nothing but a sore throat and a slightly swollen brain. Just a bit of sinus. No cough, no fever, no snot. I'm tapping wood now. But yeah...Cold-Eeze. Dumb spelling, nice results.

But I can't concentrate. I've been Ilsa's human blankie for three days now, so my attention has been seriously diverted. I've been plotting a sci-fi romance (fun!) but today I should really get back to Scoundrel's Kiss--being that it's due in March and vast, painful penalties will result if I'm not a good girl.

Am I high-brow? Just curious.

I've never been genuinely excited about voting for someone. I usually make protest votes against worse candidates. But I'm excited about voting for Obama in nine days. There. I said it.

Fireworks scene from The Cutting EdgeJuliette and I watched The Cutting Edge on Thursday night coz I was sincerely tired of watching kids' movies. Ilsa fell asleep on my arm. Juliette liked it because of the skating and the music. Me? I can't find fault with it. It's a cheesy 90s romance with an unlikely plot. I know. But see, if I watch "The Young Riders" or something else from the same era, I cringe over bad acting, plot holes, lame dialogue. Not with The Cutting Edge. I'm completely immune to any deficiencies. It's lovely, one of the most perfectly delivered romance scripts ever. So there.

Anton: That is...ENOUGH! Introduction is over, conversation finished! Mouths closed, ears to be opened. Pairs means TWO. You have no partner. You are skating nowhere. And where are you going--back to Siberia? Skating on small pond is big excitement, but believe me--Gretzky!--I am last person who is coming to look for you. Good! Now we skate.

Well baby now baby hear my scene.
I wanna know if you do love me.
I love you baby with all my heart.
Oh please don't ever say we will part.
"Diddly Daddy" (from the one-on-one hockey scene) by Chris Isaak

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