A Bashful End-of-Week Hello

Sorry I've been so crap at blogging this week. Spring Break is kicking my butt. I'm counting down the minutes to Monday. But Monday I have my surgery, so it's a good/bad countdown.

I've had things on my to-do list like "make a promotional plan" and "write workshop syllabus." Big ole' things I can't just do on some random afternoon. That'd be like me putting "write book" on the list. Just too big. So I spent this morning making a plan on how to tackle each task in little chunks. Daily goals. It's not too bad, but I have a crazy April coming at me. It's really nuts.

So yeah, I'll be back with vim and vigor and an incapacitated wrist come Monday. Have a great weekend!

Springtime, springtime can kill you,
Just like it did poor me.
Don't you see we're all hurt the same way?
So get out, get out of your house.
"Springtime Can Kill You" by Jolie Holland

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