He Was a Quiet Man (2007)

He Was a Quiet Man DVD
Christian Slater (Bob), Elisha Cuthbert (Vanessa), William H. Macy (Gene Shelby)

Directed by Frank A. Capello (American Yakuza)

Summary: A quiet, dissatisfied white-collar worker inadvertently becomes a hero when he saves a woman from an office gunman. And then it gets really trippy.

Oh, where has my fascination for Christian Slater taken me? To this place! Where he's sporting a hideous moustache and the sloping posture of a six-foot tall adolescent girl, just trying to go unnoticed. So why did I decide to watch He Was a Quiet Man when I could be watching, I don't know, Broken Arrow where he's all pretty and young and heroic? Or Mindhunters, where he gets naked in a shower? Because this one got really good reviews! I just love the idea that he's emerging from his slump and taking chances--generally what actors have to do once they get to a certain age and no one takes them seriously.

But oh, how hard it was to see him like this. He completely inhabited the role, to the point of it being painful to watch. A doormat akin to Stephen Root's stapler-loving character in Office Space. I kept waiting for him to get cool, but alas--not the point here.

I've read reviews that compared this film to Fight Club and Eternal Sunshine, each of which have limited comparative merits. Christian SlaterStylistically, narratively, there are parallels. But the theme of this one--that sick members of the herd should be culled for the greater good--is much darker. I genuinely had no notion of its ultimate direction. Anything could've happened at any point. Completely intriguing.

So yeah. Christian is hideous. The film is depressing. And it's really, really worth seeing.

But now I want to go watch Pump Up the Volume and watch him being dead cute.

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