Music Crush II

Andrew Bird
Another one! Yay! Last week when I talked about Patrick Watson, a friend of mine from Chicago North, Elizabeth Evans, rec'd Andrew Bird as also having a Buckley-esque quality. Unlike when I receive them for movies and books, I take music recommendations seriously because they're easy, short, and yield instant rewards.

The verdict??

Thanks so much Liz! I love it. And he's adorably nerdy. I'm replacing all of the tired tunes on my iPod with stuff I've newly downloaded this week. New blood. New melodies to get utterly stuck in my head. This is "Imitosis" from his 2007 release Armchair Apocrypha:

We were all basically alone.
And despite what all his studies had shown,
What was mistaken for closeness
Is just a case of mitosis.
And why do some show no mercy
While others are painfully shy?
Tell me doctor, can you quantify?
He just wants to know the reason why.
"Imitosis" by Andrew Bird

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