Scatterbrained Monday

Hmmm... hello, Monday. How are you? Mom went home to Indiana on Friday, taking the train in the midst of the blizzard. Nice way to navigate a blizzard, actually. She'd have had to put up with us through Sunday had she driven. So after a thoroughly couch-inspired weekend, we've reached Spring Break. The girls are home all week, so we'll see what I can manage to accomplish between now and next Monday...when I'll have surgery on my wrist. Damn.

In other news, I think Ilsa's a pica. She compulsively tries to eat bits of cat litter that wind up on the kitchen floor. Oh dear.

I've been unproductive with regard to actual writing, mostly because I'm in the starting stages of a bunch of projects. A little paralysis has set in, not knowing where to begin. And lots of research. Researching proposals for Scoundrels #3 & #4 is kinda fun, because I don't need accuracy so much as plot fodder--just enough to fill a five-page synopsis. Pirates! Venice! The sack of Byzantium!

And I started official work on Regina yesterday, my mostly secret endeavor. She had a daughter! And I found the name of her father! Ha! We'll see where it goes. I'll have learned to read German by the time this is over.

The new Panic(!) at the Disco album is mostly shit. Srsly. Which is disappointing.

Night in Eden by Candice Proctor is amazing. She's part of my paralysis problem, coz I keep wanting to go finish...

Have you seen "Adrift" yet? Or "Fragments"? Thoughts?

We're off to the library and Walgreen's. After Easter candy sale!

You take me to
And lead me through Babylon.
This is the morning of our love.
It's just the dawning of our love.
"I Feel You" by Depeche Mode

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