Seriously? Here??

Christian Bale
Rumor has it that Christian Bale and Johnny Depp are in Kenosha today, beginning their tour of Wisconsin while filming Public Enemies, directed by Michael Mann. Their Wisconsin stint includes filming in Kenosha, Milwaukee, Madison, and Columbus, and casting calls have been issued for each city.



But where? I feel honor-bound to walk the streets in search, like some nutjob. I'd be excused in a court of law if my jury was 100% straight women and gays. Maybe even a few straight dudes. You'd think my spidey senses would tingle and I'd know to go to the Pick'n'Save on 75th or wherever. You know, a SIGN. But no. The air doesn't smell like flowers. No birds singing their sweet, sweet praises.

I did have nice pizza for lunch. That's something, I suppose.Johnny Depp

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