Soliciting Advice

OK, first up: I am an exceedingly slow reader. Not only do I generally fail to make time during the day for reading, when I do sit down with a book, even a page-turner, I take my time over the physical process of reading. Hours and hours and days for a single book, especially a thicker, more involved title.

book pileMy TBR pile is a constant source of frustration. It numbers about 50 books at present, books that are in my house right now and remain unread. I have a list of considerably more titles of interest that may or may not come home with me one day.

As a result, I cannot take recommendations, and friends' or favorite authors' new releases are a heartache rather than a joy. "Oh yeah! New book!" has become "Oh, damn, another one I won't get around to reading." I hold off on new releases because I have 50 books ahead of them, or else I shimmy one to the front of the line and feel guilty about the treasures I've neglected.

So I've considered scrapping my TBR pile entirely. Haul all of the books to a local shelter or library. Have it out of the house. That prospect makes me unbearably sad and wickedly, guiltily happy all at once. To be free! When a new release comes along, I can snatch it up and read it with carefree glee--like I did with Ann's Grimspace and Eve's Driven. I'd be able to keep up with new release talk and all the hype about current faves.

Keven suggested perhaps I could keep 10 or so and ditch the rest. And my work ethic side says if I just set my mind to it, I could be through the pile in a year or so. Like a chore. Which is what that sounds like. HOW TERRIBLE IS THAT?

Anyway, advice?

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