Keven Says: Appeaser!

Now is the time on Sprockets where I introduce my occasional guest poster: Keven, my husband. Keven used to maintain a regular blog of his own, but that fell into disuse when he hired on to a full time job and no longer had MBA-ish things to say. However, he continues to use his thinkie thing and have actual opinions, sometimes opinions that differ from mine. Since this blog has never been 100% romance or 100% shows I obsess about, neither should it be 100% me. Kev needs an outlet for his thoughts, if only to argue a point with someone other than me--namely, himself. And you all, if you're interested.

KevenPlus, my mom says I never talk about Keven, primarily because I don't want to discuss work stuff for fear of crossing some appropriateness boundary. I'll let him make those calls. Maybe one day he'll give you his opinions about country music, which he's fianlly taking seriously after nearly eleven years of marriage.

[Side note: Isn't he cute?] So here he goes:

From last month: Chris Matthews explaining to a loud-mouthed, idiotic Kevin James (not the guy from The King of Queens) what appeasement is.

The whole point of power, and of having power, is to be able to negotiate from a position where you are able to leverage concessions on your terms. By refusing to EVER meet with your adversaries, you're refusing to obtain the rewards of your investment to gain power.


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