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I got my galleys in the mail yesterday, which means my eyes are going buggy looking at EVERY... SINGLE... WORD. Galleys are a printed preview of a book after it's been formatting and typeset. Correcting any minor remaining goofs is the last thing that happens before going to print. It's actually awesome, one step closer to WaSW being a physical public entity, with my name on every other page--the whole caboodle.

My first sale was finally announced in "Romance Writer's Report," after it was misplaced late last fall. Problem is, RWR's new policy is to only list the names of people who've made first sales, as opposed to printing the whole write-up paragraph like they used to. Saves space, paper, money--but boo on that. So I had to log into the RWA national site and make a jpeg out of my announcement (click to make it vaguely big enough for human eyes to read). For posterity...

First sale announcement
If the wording seems familiar, it's the same blurb I used back in July when I pitched to Hilary. I like the circular nature of that.

And now on to the newest, coolest tune Keven's introduced me to of late. Both of us have been playing it like mad.

In the first days of the spring time--
Made you up and split from one thousand enemies.
Made a trail of, of a thousand tears.
Made you a prisoner inside your own secrecy.
"Ghosts" by Ladytron

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