SYTYCD Week Three

I'm glad Mary put on a shirt this week, even if Adam was right and she looked like a disco ball. I heart Adam. He's the only judge who offers serious feedback.

Twitchington (hip hop): They'll break up this couple one day and I'll have to learn how to spell her name. She reminds me of Keira Knightley, which means she really shouldn't be doing white girl hip hop. The routine was difficult with regard to the number of beats spent in unison, and they made it light and fun. Loved her Twitch glasses.

Courtney & Gev (rumba): Did anyone else notice how her dress got caught on her high heel in that initial slide, and she reached around to get unstuck before standing? The tricks looked awkward to me, and there could've been more of that slinky rumba sway. Although Courtney is too cutesy to play genuinely sexy, they did very well. But DAMN DAMN DAMN--that dress!!! Holy smokes.

Comfort & Chris (jazz): Jazz to Marilyn Manson? Dude. Chris needs to pair with Jessica so they can be sloppy together. He was entirely shapeless and jello-ish. They had little unison and NO connection because their partnership is non-existent. Nigel was right in that the sheets were gimmicky. Lame, when it could've been really powerful.

Jessica & Will (disco): I'm convinced Doriana Sanchez lives only to curse dancers with tedious choreography for a dead dance form. Gah. Please let that be the last disco of the season. They danced like minstrel show folk, all flapping arms and smiles. Can we send Jessica home now?

Kourtni & Matt (contemp): Yay for a new choreographer! Adorable, fun and spunky, like a crazy ass Gwen Stefani video. It was hiphopjazzcontemporary, the first routine to make use of their height. I hope they stick around because they keep getting better and more relaxed, and I actually found myself watching Matt more than Kourtni tonight.

Chelsea & Thayne (quickstep): Bottom three last week, and now the quickstep. They must be cursed. But this is another new choreographer, so maybe there's hope. Oh no! Phil Collins!! Meanness. A greater disability, however, is the fact that Thayne cannot lead--or else Chelsie can't be led. I was half in love with Kameron last year, I admit, and always took offense when the judges criticized him, because he was a damn good partner to Lacey. Remember their quickstep? Faboo!! This was just dull. And enough with the tamale train stuff.

Chelsie & Mark (hip hop): I wish Chelsea danced as maturely as Kherington does. (Yay, I spelled it right!) Chelsea is young and performs young, so she still could've given it a little more depth. But did anyone notice how she hit harder than Mark did? He missed the beat on their matched turn, while she smacked it up proper. Oh, how he intrigues me. Last week he became Carlos D; this week he's the Doctor. The routine was ultra fine, amazing, and awesome. Really goose bumpy and completely spellbinding--the first since Katee & Joshua's week one where I wanted to see again instantly.

Katee & Joshua (samba): Loved Tony's "Quick quick slow" shirt. Holy crap! Who'd have thought our ace Latin heartthrob this year would be Joshua? The hips! The snap! The smoldering eye contact! See, this was what Chelsie and Thayne were missing during their first week cha-cha: playfulness, technique, and genuine, connected sex appeal. And opposed to Courtney, Katee managed to find her sexy side despite the cuteness. She has great legs. Awesome.

YouTube note: Chelsea & Mark's dance was posted within an hour of the show finishing, and there were no less than ten versions of it by morning. All of the others were posted by one dedicated dance critic, but nowhere else.

Fave routine: Chelsea & Mark. Hands down.

New music: None this week. I had everything worth having!

Bottom three: Comfort & Chris, Jessica & Will, Chelsea & Thayne.

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