It's All About the Pretties

OK, I said I would talk about the crazy new stuff I've been working on, all of which goes toward promoting myself and the upcoming release of WHAT A SCOUNDREL WANTS, and none of which includes actual writing. It's absolute madness trying to do all of this myself, but I can't imagine paying someone to design every little thing I need with regard to advertising. And once, a very long time ago, I did fancy myself an artist. I thought surely I could master a bit of computer software and come up with what I need.

One brain dead week later...

Mission accomplished. Now I can say I'm marginally familiar with the basics of Flash, Photoshop, and various GIF animators. Click on any pic to make it Le Big.

For the free black and white ad space I'll get in exchange for an article I'm writing for Romance Writers Report, the RWA's guild magazine:
A banner for the e-newsletter sent to subscribers of Romantic Times:
And finally my bookmark design, which will actually be free VistaPrint postcards split in half:
It's like a festival of one headless man's nakedness. I'm bummed because the GIF I did for Smart Bitches won't do its animated thang in Blogger. Rats.

I started writing something last night, just to reclaim part of my brain from its pixilated state. My hope is that next time around, this won't take nearly so long. Not only will I understand the software, I'll have a good format for designs and understand more of what I want from the ad space. It's all a learning curve. My next big project is the revamped website. Gah.

Now back to my regularly scheduled summer.

I bought my first real six-string--
Bought i at the five and dime.
Played it till my fingers bled.
That was the summer of '69.
"Summer of '69" by Bryan Adams

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