Monday Prep

I leave for San Francisco in about 20 hours, departing the house at some horrible 5 AM-ish time. It'll be bus, then plane, then subway, then maybe a little snooze at the hotel. I'm flying out of Milwaukee on Midwest, so hopefully my chance of fatal suitcase loss will be reduced this year. I'll probably do my sight-seeing in the afternoon before having dinner with La Fashionista Ferrer.

A loose approximation of the schedule looks something like this: volunteering to set up the librarian goodie room; a function where we get to schmooze with librarians; the big Literacy Signing, for which I might be volunteering to help with set up, and during which I'll be meeting all my online friends; download a copy of SYTYCD and watch it sometime; the annual Hearts Through History breakfast; the Kensington cocktail party; the Chicago North cocktail party; the Kensington authors' breakfast; the Bitchery bar meeting; stalking my editor; and having coffee with my agent. Not to mention workshops, publisher giveaways, food and drinks with friends, luncheons, the PAN (Published Authors Network) retreat, and the annual awards ceremony.


I'm so excited.

This time last year I was a complete wreck. I walked around the house like a zombie, practicing my pitch under my breath. The pressure's off this year. I've already sold two manuscripts and turned them in--no need to angle each conversation toward making a sale or finding an agent or editor--but my book isn't out yet, so no pressure to sell the finished product.

I have a big box of giveaways, such as key ring pens, Post-it notes, bookmarks, promo CDs, and cover flats, which will be fun to disperse, making room in my duffel for thousands of free books. Now the rest of my day will be spent doing laundry, planning outfits, packing, and taking care of all the little things that need done before I go. I already went shopping for a ton of convenience food, hoping to make Keven's job a little easier. He's supposed to be working from home this week, which I hope won't drive him entirely crazy.

Anyway, I have a couple of posts sorted out to publish on auto while I'm gone, in case I don't have time, energy or inclination to do so while there. We'll see. It may wind up a series of recaps once I've returned. Fun week, here I come!

All I ever wanted.
Had to get away.
Vacation" by The Go-Go's

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