Nationals 2008, Day One

I've been awake since 3am central, which was about 22 hours ago. Ilsa had a bad dream and woke me up. Since I was supposed to awaken at 4am anyway, I had no hope of getting back to sleep for a bit. Any ole' Sunday, sure. But not on a travel day.

I walked to the bus stop in the dark and got on board at 5:20, then arrived at the airport an hour later. Brilliant bus. Costs only $3.25. How?? The same coach to O'Hare costs $30 one way.

TSA was a snap, and I took a chance and checked my bag full of promo goodies. It's heavy, y'all! Luckily it made it to San Fran, no problem. We were delayed because of fog in SF, so we didn't leave Kansas City--the layover city--for an extra hour. No problem. Me and my Nano made for happy times.

The flight from Kansas City to San Fransisco was interesting, scenery wise. I kept trying to interpret what I was seeing. Mountains, sure. Got that. But it was weird to see the demarcation between where agriculture ended and the mountains began. Like people just gave up on trying to grow things on solid rock. Oh, and these weird irrigation circles. In the Midwest, where we have that stuff called rain, farmers ply their trade in squares or rectangles--fill in all the land between one county road and the next. But out West they grow crops in circles, with the edges left to the whims of the natural climate. And it's funny to see from up high how a twisty, turny river messes with our need to make grids.

We flew right over Merced. Hello, me as a baby. And we passed right by the forest fire burning outside Yosemite. Haze everywhere. Our pilot was very chatty and fancied himself an aerial tour guide.

Wow, I haven't been to California since February of 1990. Hello, junior high!

After collecting my bags--yay! bags!!--I took the BART subway to the hotel, checked in, unpacked, and headed out walking. I was supposed to meet Barb for dinner, but I didn't know when that would be. So I walked. I wound up at Pier 39 which, according to Google, is about 2.5 miles away. Who knew? I just wanted to see different water. I'll post pics when I'm back home, coz I forgot the USB to upload from my camera.

I couldn't figure out the cable car system so I wound up taking a taxi home, not wanting to be late meeting up with Barb. The shortest way to the hotel from Pier 39 is over Nob Hill, I think, which meant up up up up up and down down down down down. In a crazy taxi. I was about to puke. Me + flat land = happy.

Barb and I had dinner at John's Seafood Grill, which has something to do with the Maltese Falcon. Despite my ravenous hunger, I couldn't finish my gorgeous seafood cannelloni. But we did manage to split a chocolate mousse torte. Of course we did! We chatted about all manner of stuff, whined, caught up, and squeed about Gambit in the new Wolverine movie.

After dinner, I met up with a lovely bunch of notorious online girls, including Sula, Lisabea, KristieJ, Katiebabs, Wendy the Super Librarian, Ciara--I'd link, ladies, but I'm too tired--and a few others whose names I've forgotten. Now they'll curse me forever. Sorry! I'll try harder tomorrow, when we have a vague idea of doing stuff. We'll see.

My crit circle flies in tomorrow, but I'll talk about that as it happens. Ann's traveling up from Comicon still, so she won't be here until the afternoon, which means I have the room to myself tonight--and room service breakfast lined up for the AM. Awesome.

Some days are dry, some days are leaky,
Some days come clean, other days are sneaky.
Some days take less, but most days take more.
Some slip through your fingers and onto the floor.
"Some Days Are Better Than Others" by U2

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