Robin Hood Thieves, Stealin' My Plots

I leave in seven hours. Wee!

I've just finished watching episode eight of the first season of Robin Hood, an episode called "Tattoo? What Tattoo?" In it, Robin Hood is tied to a tree. The resident Saracen, Djaq, uses acid and makes smoke in the sheriff's alchemy kitchen, and then the outlaws escape through a sewer.

I'm going on the record because I've only just seen this. In What a Scoundrel Wants, Will Scarlet winds up tied to a tree. Twice. My heroine, Meg, uses acid and makes smoke, and she and Will escape the castle through a sewer. Gah!!

I did this in "The Young Riders" back in the day, too. I'd written a screenplay--yes, my 13-yo self--in which Lou was abducted. Her glasses get tossed aside in the struggle, which Kid finds later. Eventually this same device was used in "Lady for a Night," and my brother said I should sue. Heh.

Here's the funny thing about the Robin Hood plot: the sheriff gave Djaq two hours to make more acid. I know that the process to sublimate the vitriol and to distill the urine takes days, not hours. And to make the smoke, they'd need a huge quantity of sugar, which was very expensive and quite rare. Hence, the sugar raid in my book.

So I just wanted to tell everyone now. Damn cheaters, copying over my shoulder. This particular episode aired on November 25, 2006, which would've been six days before I started writing the manuscript, but it didn't air in the US until April 21, 2007--just when I was whining about fact vs. fiction again. Here it is 2008 and I'm only discovering this now.

I'll still get some 16-yo Jonas Armstrong fangirl accusing me of ripping off the show's ideas. *sigh*

UPDATE: Episode nine features a guy who makes gunpowder and uses little bundles of it to scare people. This is getting really annoying. I stole that idea fair and square from my childhood, using those little firework thingies called Whipper Snappers. But they called the gunpowder "Greek Fire," which is inaccurate. Greek Fire was actually naphtha, a forerunner of napalm. And if they use that in this blimmin' series, I'll be right pissed off.

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