SYTYCD Week Eight

Eep! Hour and a half until my publisher party. Chillin. Trying to rest, but watching SYTYCD instead. Have I mentioned lately how much I love Adam Shankman? Informal recap:

Sick sick sick, in a good way, that Jason Gilkison--the best choreographer in Australia, made of 100% vintage awesome--gave Mark and Courtney their astounding waltz. No boring here, just grace, smooth lines and effortless lifts. And that mad jazz routine from Sonya was amazing. LOVE them. What the hell was it? Like some kind of freak-ass love story, just a little psycho. She's picking up the slack since Wade Robson's gone all too-good-for-this-show.

Josh and Katee back together, which is fun and weird. Tyce does some awesome contemp. A mind-blowing routine. I'll have to see it a few dozen more times to take it all in. Ohh, paso! And more Jason! HOLY SHIT. That was just astounding. Joshua is the most convincing "bull" from paso that has ever been on this stage. Posture, attitude and strength. They're obviously through to the Top 4, especially with everyone happy to see them reunited.

Twitch and Chelsie had the fantastic fortune to get Tab & Neo for their hip-hop, both entertaining and well danced. Cute, sharp, funny. Loved her mad conductor hair and the outfits. Wow. That red mamborific dress on Chelsie was made of shimmying lava. All that groove that Will didn't have wound up with Twitch here.

Absolutely not a bad dance to be found. I've never seen a night like this, where everything was fantastic--some of it just magic--and to like each and every dancer. No one about whom I'm crossing my fingers, hoping to see them leave.

New music: "The Garden" by Mirah

Fave routine: Mark & Courtney's psycho jazz

Result: No idea how folks will vote, but the judges didn't go all orgasmic over Twitch and Chelsie the way they did the others. I like Tab & Neo's chorey, but the conductor routine wasn't as snazzy and sexy cool as the rest. I'm guessing Joshua, Katee, Mark and... um. Shit. Chelsie? But I think I like Courtney better.


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