SYTYCD Week Five

Geez, they're just starting so fast! I'm trying to eat!

Chelsie & Mark (salsa): I want to watch this one again because it seemed a little slow in places, but the matched footwork was fantastic. Although Mark wasn't as awesome as always, especially next to Chelsie friggin' fantastic legs, he makes the best dancer face. Such a great performer, not just a great dancer.

Aside: Wait, did Cat say Bollywood? OMG!!

Comfort & Thayne (hip hop): Is he trying to be Benji? Not working. Bad unison, mostly because Comfort smoked him. I want her to stick around. She'll make for an interesting Top 10, but their connection is just terrible.

Jessica & Will (contemp): Tyce does contemp? I thought he only did hideous Broadway. I haven't even seen her dance yet but I want Jessica to go home. Her and Thayne. That'd make an awesome Top 10. Okay, that said, what a nifty, intriguing routine. I loved that little bit toward the end where they took three unison steps in silence. Some of the transitions looked a teensy bit awkward, but I'm probably just being tough of them because I don't like her. Lovely.

Courtney & Gev (cha cha): G'damn I miss Pasha and Anya. Can I have a Russian "message"? Okthxbai. What a hot routine. Who would've thought that Gev could cha cha? Not well, exactly, but with gusto. He's about a half foot too short and waaay too goofy to be a hot Russian, and they're still too collectively cute to be sexy, but what a load of swank, funky fun.

Twitchington (krump): The idea of Kherington doing krump just puts a smile of my face, but she's like Mark: her performance quality is tremendous. She reminded me of Jaimie doing hip hop last year, totally going for it. Twitch is awesome when he does his thang. Holy crap. I thought he was going to put his foot through the floor. Their chemistry is fabulous no matter what they take on, but Nigel was completely spot on about the fatigued finale. What the hell?

Katee & Joshua (waltz): How many ghost partner dances can these choreographers come up with? No one waltzes with people anymore. Do you know how much I love this song? *sigh* Some absolutely beautiful partnering elements, especially that first high lift. I actually said, "OH!" Normally I like the floor work better than the lifts and tricks, but Joshua made the floor work looks as tedious as he made the lifts look easy.

Chelsia & Mark (Broadway): @%#$&! Broadway!! And more wardrobe problems. Not only Mark's suspenders, but when Chelsie was bent over his back, she unhooked her shirt from his pants. Although she ripped up this routine, I didn't entirely buy her sexitude. Mark's growly face turns me all gooey, and his partnering skills are madmadmad. I wish Mia would shut up about him. She dissed Kameron all last year too. Talented wench.

Comfort & Thayne (contemp): Mandy Moore certainly loves her intricate lifts and limb combinations. I do too, but only when it's performed better. I would've liked to see Chelsie & Mark or Twitchington dance this--damn, Nigel stole my thoughts as I typed them. Comfort's face never changed. No performance at all, despite the beautiful chorey and decent execution.

Jessica & Will (quickstep): Why couldn't they have drawn Broadway and quickstep, instead of that hot, vote-getting contemp? Her carriage was soft, their close-hold not close at all, and Barry Manilow kept making me up-chuck my Moose Tracks ice cream. At least they looked like they were having a good time at the end, despite a really mediocre dance. Let's watch Kameron & Lacey again.

Aside: DAMN! MIA! Holy shit that was mean! True, I know, but smokin' mean!

Another aside: Did I miss-hear the Bollywood? I'll be seriously disappointed.

Courney & Gev (jazz): They're like teeny tiny Indiana Joneses. Mandy Moore continues her fascination with all things 80s (Kev assures me this is a version of Siouxsie & the Banshees). What a quirky, fun thing. Totally energetic, massive movements, strong and precise, and seriously intricate chorey--like the table dance, but with a map.

Aside OH! That means the Bollywood will be Katee & Joshua!

Twitchington (tango): Damn they look fine tonight, but this had none of the fire of their paso doble. The snap of their arms was missing, and Kherington's face fell out of character. Even the tricks, which are generally great for them, seemed a little slow and labored. Poor dears.

Katee & Joshua (Bollywood): How dumb are these people? It's Bollywood!! That was fantastic. Entertaining and sparkling. Their unison was amazing, although Katee had an edge over him with regard to sharpness. What would this season be without Katee & Joshua? Crap, that's what. (If you're curious about the Bollywood they did on SYTYCD Australia, it's here.)

Best routine: Bollywood! But Courtney & Gev had the best overall night.

New music: nope.

Bottom three: Comfort & Thayne, Mark & Chelsie (just to give me a scare), and Jessica & Will. Going home... Thayne and Comfort. They'll ditch Comfort because they'll want to keep Jessica on the tour to do that shirt dance and this Garden of Eden number. Neither Comfort nor Thayne have performed tour-worthy routines (unlike the dilema with Hok last year when he was cut at this point).

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