SYTYCD Week Four

Oh, don't you love Cat's hair? Fingerwaves--I want. But with Tabitha & Napoleon on the panel, that means no routine from them. Darn. Maybe they'll do the group routine for the results show.

Wasting no time, here's my live blogging...

Jessica & Will (jive): This is the first week where I've kinda liked Will. He's so sharp. She's not even close to the beat half the time, leaving her looking sluggish. Or maybe it's the sluggishness that makes her late. But that jump flip thing worked.

Comfort & Thayne (Broadway): Not bad. Thayne was snappy, and he's put a serious damper on the cheese factor. Their unison work showed Comfort's lack of technique, but this is a much better partnership for both of them.

Kourtni & Matt (hip hop): This didn't work for me. I like my hiphop either crisp or groovy and full of attitude. Kourtni's moves were much softer than his, and their unison was poor. Very shaky. Not engaging.

Chelsie & Mark (jazz): It's like not even the same competition when these two take the stage. Mandy Moore is amazing, first, but they are so very personable. Mark is brilliant--fast becoming my favorite--and Chelsie is finally stepping out of her little girl role. Love them.

Twitchington (paso doble): In all honesty, I don't know how good it was--but I was seriously entertained. I adore her under bite, and it's always a great night when Twitch takes his shirt off. Their unison problems at the beginning gave way to a fabulous finale. Despite limp arms on occasion, she out-danced and out-attituded him.

Katee & Joshua (contemp): Hypnotic, intense, and insane. Mia's one messed up gal. Katee is actually phenomenal, and Joshua is a powerhouse. Aside from Chelsie and Mark, and on occasion Twitchington, the rest of the couples need to take notes on how to connect with each other. For that opening, they walked down the stage connected--but not even looking at each other. Really beautiful.

Courtney & Gev (hip hop): Go Courtney! Hot damn! Gev came across as a bit wooden by comparison. I don't know if I'll watch it again, but this was fun, sleek, and snappy.

Jessica & Will (jazz): Do we have to see these first three again? Couldn't we just skip them and see an instant replay of the other four? Oh well. Maybe Mandy will help them pull it off with her continuing fascination with all things 80s. But...eh. I do wish someone else had done this routine. Jessica really needs to go home so Will can get out of the ghetto.

An aside: Meltdown? Dude, I need to hear more about that. It probably went something like, Will: "Dammit, girl, you can't dance." Jessica: *cries*

Comfort & Thayne (smooth waltz): Loved her dress. Very classy. Again, her technique doesn't support this style as well as it should, but I'd really like it if she sticks around. She's getting better each week. He was very stiff and disconnected, and it wasn't smooth through the transitions. No passion.

Kourtni & Matt (mambo): Awkward and slow. I liked some of the matched footwork, but these two pale giants couldn't be less suited to the mambo. I think I'll go watch Heidi & Benji again.

Chelsie & Mark (foxtrot): Have I mentioned lately how much I love them? Nigel was right in that Mark looked a bit uncomfortable, but all he had to do was hold it together so that Chelsie could show off her badass awesome ballroomocity. They made it swank, high class, and smooth. Loved that final pose, her high heel silhouetted in the air. Very nice.

A second aside: Mary is behaving very Paula Abdul tonight. She used to be a judge, but she's turned into a vapid cheerleader.

Twitchington (contemp): I think every routine should start out with shirtless Twitch on a bed. Flamenco, quickstep, krump--doesn't matter. Damn, Mia's on fire tonight. Holy crap. That was brave because Twitch was alone for a good 32 bars to start. It was practically a solo, but the eventual duet of their movements became beautiful. Did you see when Kherington hit the floor hard on her knees? And she kept dancing. Awesome.

Katee & Joshua (west coast swing): Yay! Lacey and Benji! Do you think Katee ever thought she would be wearing hot pink velour fringe? This was the first time they've brought up Katee's audition-era faux pas. She looked deadly embarrassed. And this was the first time Joshua hasn't looked 100%. He doesn't have the frame or the posture for the springy, playful swing style. Was it Benji? Was it Sara & Pasha? Not quite. But enjoyable.

Courtney & Gev (Broadway): Two Broadway routines. I'm cursed. But at least there hasn't been any disco in tonight's 14-dance smorgasbord. This really suited their mini sugar-coated cuteness, but Courtney wiped the floor with him. Sharper and more in time with the music. I bet she'd really mature and find a deeper dancer's soul if she paired with, say, Will. Hint hint.

New Music: "Kiss Kiss" by Holly Valance and "Hometown Glory" by Adele.

Best of the Night: Oh, don't make me choose. It's Mia's night.

Bottom Three: I wish I could say it's obvious, but that second routine could keep Will & Jessica out of the bottom three. That would relegate Courtney & Gev with Comfort & Thayne and Kourtni & Matt, with the paired giraffes going home.

I've been walking in the same way as I did--
Missing out the cracks in the pavement
And tutting my heel and strutting my feet.
'Is there anything I can do for you dear? Is there anyone I can call?'
'No and thank you, please madam. I ain't lost, just wandering.'
"Hometown Glory" by Adele

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