SYTYCD Week Seven

Really? Week seven? So I'm here at my parents' house tonight, after having spent the entire day at the Elkhart County Fair. So tiiiiiiiired. And sunburned.

This week, the odds say that Comfort and Mark will have bad nights and get sent home. Note, I'm writing this at 7:55pm. My gut says Joshua, Will and Twitch will stick around, along with Courtney, Katee and Chelsie. The real show will be next week--when I'm at Nationals and watching the dratted thing on YouTube a day late--when the strength of the routines will determine who accompanies Katee and Joshua into the top four.

But I like Mark. I hope he'll stay. Ok, bring on the dance so I can stay awake!

What's with the hand on shoulder thing? It's cute. And damndamn, Cat's dress is Teh Flamin' Awesome. She's 32. I'm 32. I should wear my hemline that high. And backless. Dude, Toni Basil--she's 64! That's my age + Cat's age! Does that mean I can be Cat's sister? I'm perfectly happy being the less attractive one.

Courtney & Will (samba): Jean-Mark's hips are wicked. As for the samba, it's SO not Will's dance. They didn't manage to shake the stiffness out of him. Very uncomfortable. But Courtney rocks it, made of 100% effort every week. She was sharp and snazzy. The connection was poor, completely asexual, and not nearly gritty enough. I hate how they give Will a free pass. (Morning after update: no link as of 10am eastern--interesting.)

I'm bored of talking about solos, so I'll refrain unless one of them rocks.

Katee & Twitch (contemp): The SMOOCH! Holy shit! A) awesome that Mia did chorey to a fast song, B) she works really well with props, C) my, oh my, Katee had a lot to do, jumping around like a damn simian, D) Twitch makes Will look like a soulless robot, E) loved Katee's Winehouse eye make-up. What a blast.

Wait--they're gonna make Mark dance with Comfort, aren't they? DAMMIT.

Will puts on a wig and finds a personality. Huh.

Comfort and Mark (hip hop): They might accidentally have a chance. That was fun. I had a smile on my face the whole time. Mark's energy and performance charisma kept up with Comfort's sharpness. He was fantastic. So very funky. Loved that flip somersault over the shoulder thing. No build-up--just fling her!

Chelsie & Joshua (tango): Heelllllllooooo, Dmitry! *wipesdrool* Who knew that under his ripped-open shirt, he could choreograph such a great routine? Fantastic. As of today, Chelsie's legs must be cloned and passed out to every woman alive. The world will be a sexier, flirtier place. The footwork was amazing. Loved it.

Courtney & Will (hip hop): I want to write the story of Tabitha and Napoleon. They're so cute. Ha, I have this song already. Does that make me cool? Oh, but their unison is terrible, and their connection is again sub-standard. The momentum of the show has slowed to the point of stagnation. I got a Benjamin that says Will gets another free pass. Ding ding ding!

Katee & Twitch (Broadway): Broadway, huh? As long as we don't get foxtrot and disco too. Oh, wait! I'm screwed! Ok, this was pretty cool. I liked Katee's fro, and they both have likable personalities to pull off this sort of cool and sass. Tons o' chemistry. Lots of fun.

Wait, Comfort ends up with the only white(ish) dude left in the competition? See! Conspiracies, man. Glad Mulder and Scully are coming back to investigate. Anyone else see these new X-Files commercials and get a serious hankering for 90s nostalgia? Oh, dancing. Sorry.

Comfort & Mark (foxtrot): They looked like they were having fun. Big smiles and sweet flirtation. Nigel should soak his head. Dick. Were we watching the same thing? Makes me wonder. Poor Comfort and Mark--they aren't made of Will.

Lots of time for commercials tonight. Draaaaaaging.

Chelsie & Joshua (disco): To complete our trio of evil dance tonight, we have the disco. Oh, suck. That was terrible. And after that incredible tango, I know it's Doriana's HOLYCRAPAWFUL chorey that made them so awkward and choppy. When they actually danced, rather than all those random semi-successful tricks, it was better. But not by much.

Best routine: Katee & Twitch and their door, followed by Chelsie & Joshua's tango and Comfort & Mark's wicked skoolkid hip hop.

New music: Finally! Fergie and Nelly's "Party People" and "Where I Stood" by Missy Higgins.

The verdict: Will's routines were forgettable, which gives me hope. But I'm afraid it's the end of Comfort.

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