Here we are again, but this time opening the show with Jessica saying goodbye. Very awkward. Cat's dress is an awful golden crotchtastic mess, and Mary looks like the most stereotypical cougar--the cougar to Nigel's dirty ole' man.

Courtney & Joshua (hip hop): Cute cute cute. Courtney was faboo as the electrifying bride, and Joshua showed off some nice humor. The moves were unusual and a teensy bit raunchy. I like him getting out of that coat because it obscured his movements to start. Funny, well-danced, and memorable, which is useful when they dance first.

Chelsie (solo): Does the girl even have a face? Poor thing, I can't get past watching her amazing legs.

Kherington & Mark (two step): Sweet couple! New dance! Pregnant teacher! It's like a trio of awesome! Sad thing is, they lost a lot of their previous couple chemistry, and Mark's cowboy hat made me throw up a little in my mouth. I've seen DAMN good two-steps in my day, many a year ago, and these guys didn't hold it together. Not smooth enough, not fast enough, and none of those grrr Urban Cowboy neck holdin' turns that define the caveman look of the dance.

Gev (solo): He does some awesome work on his own. Love the song.

Comfort & Twitch (smooth waltz): More ancient tunes. I mean, Journey? She looked terrified on the close-up of that final high lift, and Twitch is still uncomfortable with the basic rhythm of the waltz. Poor rise and fall. No connection. I miss the old couples. Just call me grumpy tonight.

Courtney (solo): She's playing for keeps. Fine, powerful routine.

Katee & Will (Broadway): I'm not going to say anything about the B-word. Oh, so that's how Will dances with a partner who can keep up with him! Good charisma and theatrics from both of them, and their dancing is obviously off the scale. I'm digging Lil' C's commentary tonight; he's lucid and helpful.

Mark (solo): Adore him. What a goof. Although not quite as nifty since seeing him dance to Queen in Vegas.

Chelsie & Gev (contemp): Love Sonya's hair, like some sort of pale Mohican princess, and she obviously has some fantastic taste in music. One of the best songs ever recorded. Her chorey is like angry girl longing. Gev is doing great things, and of course Chelsie is lovely and vulnerable. An incredible routine.

Comfort (solo): Dude, like we haven't seen enough of her solos lately? Smacking hard as always, but still not pulling it out within a couple.

Twitch (solo): In his SuperTwitch shirt again. He's so very good.

Courtney & Joshua (rumba): Oh, oh the rumba. Iz naughty. (Why have the Idol swaybots migrated here? Not cool.) Courtney does sexy much better with Joshua than with Gev. She was gorgeous, he was powerful, and together they were exhilarating. BTW, I love a man in Cuban heels. Probably not every man--my husband, for example. But on Joshua, they work.

Katee (solo): She's incredibly powerful and so personable. What a long way she's come from the Vegas snafu they keep insisting on bringing up.

Kherington & Mark (jazz): Are they having Tyce do every other dance now? He's so busy! What happened to Tony Meredith? Shane Sparks? Are they in Hawaii or something? Speaking of Hawaiians, loved Mark's big sticky-up Doctor hair. He's about the gayest straight boy I've ever seen. A very showy routine, overall. Not a lot of subtlety. You'd think these two would have more chemistry together, but their couplehood has been a disaster.

Will (solo): Such a wonderful dancer, but the personality of a cyborg. Poor guy. I just can't get into him.

Comfort & Twitch (hip hop): Hip hop? Srsly? If they can't get this... Whoa, damn. Quite possibly the best hip hop routine ever on this show, like the hip hop equivalent of when Benji & Heidi did the mambo and Kate & Jack did lyric jazz. A perfect storm of dancer + style = amazing. They looked so very happy. That's how it should be done.

Kherington (solo): I adore how she dances, but she's not having the best night. We're getting to that point, aren't we, where I like everyone who's left? Drat.

Katee & Will (pas de deux): Ballet for Will and Katee? More perfect storms! Except for the horror of that Archie remix. Gah. How glad is Will that he's ditched Jessica for this one? And how glad is the world? Very! Beautiful, beautiful stuff. What's to critique? I mean, it's as good as any of the guest performances they have on Thursday nights. Pro quality. Oh, and how many awesome words can Lil' C use in one crit? He's fantasticool.

Joshua (solo): Another great dance from someone we haven't seen solo yet. And why am I not surprised he's an old skool MJ fan?

Chelsie & Gev (jive): I enjoy seeing the choreographers doing their thang. GEV! Holy shit! I am lovin' him tonight, the judges' comments aside. Chelsie's legs are a hard number to keep up with. It took a few bars for them to get it together, but then they were off and running at 700mph. Flaming awesome. (I mean, compare it to that horror jive Will & Jessica had a few weeks ago.)

Fave routine: Either Chelsie & Gev's angsty roll-around contemp or Comfort & Twitch's show-stopping hip hop. Oh, and the pas de deux. Dude. For such a patchy night, it's had some real high points.

New music: None. How many weeks must I go without trendy new songs?

Going home: Comfort and Will each pulled it out. Joshua, Katee, Chelsie and Twitch are safe because they're all good and popular. I'm worried about Kherington and Mark, although Courtney and Gev are always possibilities--likable, cute, and consistent, but not entirely flashy. It'll be interesting. Your thoughts?

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